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The Feeny Call Lives On

Hopefully, 31 will be good.

As the last day of being 30 comes to a close, I’m reminded that I have so much more to learn and experience. I’m listening at every moment I can to try and gain a better grasp on the world around me. My dad always says the homework doesn’t stop at graduation, it’s just that the homework simply takes different shapes.


Speaking of advice, it seems only fitting to feature the greatest series finale message in TV history. The final scene of Boy Meets World below is edited for the final life lesson by Mr. Feeny because of its relevance to going into the unknown world, but also because it’s still difficult to watch the scene in its entirety without tearing up.

Mr. Feeny, you always have our attention.

Here’s to a good year a year of good.


Eskimo Bliss

The price for an average seat dipped to about $5,100 by Monday morning, but that’s still well ahead of the resale price of each Super Bowl SeatGeek has tracked since 2010.
–A.J. Perez, USA TODAY Sports, “Super Bowl tickets averaging more than $5,000”

For a sporting event that is well-embedded in popular culture and is perceived as the ultimate fan’s journey, $5,000/ticket just might be the cut-off for most people.

The play to “buy” a big screen television for the weekend of the Super Bowl and then return it days later because of a “space problem” in the family room is still alive and well. But for most people, spending $500 to $1,000 for a new TV is not a spur of the moment decision.

Keeping this in mind, what are we to think when a ticket to a championship game is a 5 to 10-fold spike compared to a new high-definition TV?

From a branding perspective, the NFL may be enduring its second major headache in recent years. When fans watch preseason games, the regular season and playoffs, they are invested in their team. As we know with ourselves, friends, family and random grown men dressed as gritty Vikings, we take this game seriously. And, if everything magically goes to plan through heroic victories and prayer, it can all lead to…

the Super Bowl!

Hwever, it appears that fans are being priced out of the NFL’s biggest game.

The headline of $5,000 per ticket to attend the Super Bowl at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California will irk most people, especially fans of the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. This pricing doesn’t even give people with good to great finances a chance or even a worthwhile bang for the buck. How can this discouraging trend be reversed? Odds are that this pivot will have to result from fans protesting and not going, visibly showing tens of thousands of empty seats during football’s most important showcase of the season. But what are the chances of that kind of random unanimity among all those non-media, non-VIP fans?

What are the odds of the Cleveland Browns going to the Super Bowl next year?

The image that attending the Super Bowl is only for celebrities and CEO’s will surely continue. At a certain point though, people will see what they need to through the highest definition in their living rooms (or their neighbor’s man cave). And living in a society that is increasingly pushing us towards building our own personal entertainment suites with gadgets and screens galore will have an effect on the multiple generations of current NFL fans, plus future generations who will be raised to know and believe the Super Bowl is simply a digital destination.

In the meantime, if only there was someway to overcome the impossible task of bypassing the $5,000 price tag?

And just when all appears lost and seeing, say, an Eskimo in the stands at the Super Bowl seems more likely than you obtaining that mirage of a ticket…

Boy Meets World: For the win.

Please Welcome Mr. Cumberland

How to make an entrance?

Walking into a room the right way can, in some instances, change your life forever. Most communication between people is non-verbal, therefore it’s essential to put out the right tone at all times. People are everywhere, which heightens the need to distinguish oneself from the pack. In some cases, this relates to romance and, in other situations, it’s all about the business at hand. Subsequently, introducing oneself into a new environment requires a suave quality from the school of George Clooney.

Today is Thursday, so the following clip is a throwback to a man who always knew how to make an entrance.

Plays with Squirrels Eric, take it away…

Happy Throwback Thursday!

November is Growing on Me

Throughout the month of November, men from all over the world voluntarily dedicate their facial appearances for a genuinely worthy cause that is bigger than a simple 5 o’clock shadow. The 30-day month (which includes the American holiday and audience-conducive Thanksgiving) will test the courage and sheer facial will of the men who dare to believe in helping their fellow XY-chromosome bros in a completely strange, yet entertaining fashion.

The event is called “Movember,” which takes place during November. In fact, there is an official “Movember” website that details the precise reasoning for encouraging men to join this growing movement that began down under in Melbourne ten years ago with each November day represented in the form of a mustache.

Globally, the funds raised by our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas support world-class men’s health programs that combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. These programs, directed by the Movember Foundation, are focused on awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, staying mentally healthy, living with and beyond mental illness and research to achieve our vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.

According to the Movember Foundation, there are nearly 4 million growers worldwide that sport their individual style in more than 20 countries. For those who have been willing their facial hair to grow for the past three weeks, there are a few icons whose trimming methods they can follow.

There is:

  • The Mr. Feeny (“Boy Meets World”)
  • The Albert Einstein (Genius)
  • The Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana (“Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”)
  • The Captain Jack Sparrow (“Pirates of the Caribbean”)
  • The Alex Trebek (“What is Jeopardy?”)
  • The Gene Shalit (Former Movie and Book Critic for the Today Show)
  • The Hulk Hogan (Wrestler)
  • The Civil War General (Self-Explanatory)

This Guy:

(Zimbio, "Famous Mustaches," 2012)

(Zimbio, “Famous Mustaches,” 2012)

  • The Captain Edward James Smith and Bruce Ismay (“Titanic”)
  • The Lt. Murtaugh (“Lethal Weapon”)
  • The Manliest Dr. Pepper Guy (Television Commercial)
  • The Bob Ross (America’s Art Teacher)
  • The Neville Sinclair (“The Rocketeer”)

and last, but absolutely not least…

  • THE Tom Selleck/Magnum P.I. (Again, Self-Explanatory)

(, 2009)

For the men who have refrained from using a razor and shaving cream, the finished product will take varying amounts of time and will look different from others as well.

Sometimes, the disparity can be humorously staggering:

“Movember” isn’t for everyone…