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Happy Monday!

Steven Spielberg turned 69 this past Friday.

Arguably the greatest director of all-time, Spielberg has become a film genre himself. Kids and adults love and admire his visual storytelling, for different and similar reasons. For any person who loves movies, a Spielberg foundation is a necessity. Without experiencing the magic of Spielberg, it’s impossible to experience the true magic of movies.

And that’s why he’s celebrated with such fanfare.

That’s why it’s surprising that some people within the film industry didn’t see his burgeoning genius for granted from the very beginning of his bright, trailblazing career. The father of the summer blockbuster (Jaws) received a few nominations from the Academy for his work with the great white shark.

The video below offers Spielberg’s reaction from back in 1976.

People don’t always remember who won Oscars, but they will remember Steven Spielberg’s golden legacy.

Trust yourself and your vision and the right people will see it the right way.

Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg!

The Real Deep Blue Sea

It seems as if Steven Spielberg’s defining summer blockbuster Jaws may have had more than just a toe dipped in the water involving the true events that inspired his film.

As people’s bravery increases simultaneously with the improved strength of metal cages designed for underwater hovering, their terrifying interactions with giant sharks reveal new discoveries about the aggressive, yet surprisingly tranquil super predators of the ocean.

Brand new footage of the largest shark ever recorded on video from a dive off the Mexican coast in 2013 was just released to the public. Her name is Deep Blue.

Deep Blue’s size is so colossal that it begs the question as to whether Spielberg and Co. built a new animatronic shark and let it loose in the waters off Guadalupe Island. This great white is suspected to be about 50 years-old and is estimated to be at least 20 feet long.

In the movie Jaws, the monster shark measured at around 25 feet.

It’s been 40 years and we still need a bigger boat.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

This is “Shark Week,” which has inspired today’s “Throwback Thursday.”

Sharks are powerfully majestic creatures, though we never want to be swimming in the ocean and see a fin hovering just above the water’s surface. But even as terrifying of a sight as that is, sometimes a story can have a similar effect. The video below is known as one of the greatest monologues in the history of cinema. The setting is rickety old boat, bobbing up and down in the middle of the ocean off the coast of a vacation town in the American northeast.

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s got a real bite to it.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

The Soundtrack of Our Imagination

There are familiar faces that we see on the news and television on a relentless basis, for a variety of reasons. But it’s always fascinating to see and hear from people who have quietly made a permanent imprint on our lives with works that are nothing short of magnificent when we consider it all evolved from an idea and a blank canvas.

Or from an empty musical page waiting to be filled-in with iconic musical notes for generations to admire.

The journey of master composer John Williams is well-documented in such blockbuster hits as Jaws, Schindler’s List, Superman and Jurassic Park (to literally name only a few). Mr. Williams doesn’t give many interviews or insights into his everyday life, but perhaps all it took was another Mr. Williams to convince him to reveal a little bit about himself. The interview is from a little while ago, but intriguing nonetheless.

He’s one of the drivers of our imaginations:

Telling powerfully moving stories without any words.

Old school indeed.