Happy Monday!

Steven Spielberg turned 69 this past Friday.

Arguably the greatest director of all-time, Spielberg has become a film genre himself. Kids and adults love and admire his visual storytelling, for different and similar reasons. For any person who loves movies, a Spielberg foundation is a necessity. Without experiencing the magic of Spielberg, it’s impossible to experience the true magic of movies.

And that’s why he’s celebrated with such fanfare.

That’s why it’s surprising that some people within the film industry didn’t see his burgeoning genius for granted from the very beginning of his bright, trailblazing career. The father of the summer blockbuster (Jaws) received a few nominations from the Academy for his work with the great white shark.

The video below offers Spielberg’s reaction from back in 1976.

People don’t always remember who won Oscars, but they will remember Steven Spielberg’s golden legacy.

Trust yourself and your vision and the right people will see it the right way.

Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg!


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