Daily Archives: May 16, 2014

Breaking News!

Only about twenty minutes ago, the newest trailer for the highly-anticipated science-fiction adventure, Interstellar, was released to the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s our second glimpse at Christopher Nolan’s next cinematic epic:

This November, we won’t be able to look at stars the same way again.

The Unexpected Thrill of Singularity

While it’s a good thing not all movies are made in this format, it’s a blessing that one film every so often is bravely written and acted within such a simple and isolated storytelling dynamic.

Driving at night with a hands-free phone.

That’s it.

Ironically, this mundane, constrained seat appears to be the perfect setting for a nerve-racking, pulse-pounding thrill ride.

It’s called Locke and it features the talented, yet under-the-radar star Tom Hardy. Although it had an April 25th release date, it’s now entering major theaters, like in Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to check your local listings.

What’s driving you this weekend?