Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

In Living Watercolor

The first Saturday of each month in Columbus, Ohio features the pedestrian-friendly event known as Gallery Hop. Occurring in the Short North, art galleries stay open late for art admirers, as well as for people who are simply curious about art (no man in a yellow hat required).

It’s a wonderful experience, having the elastic freedom to not feel wrapped into staying and slowly pacing around a gallery you find boring or uninteresting in order to appear polite to the host. If you like something, stay. If you don’t, then drink the complimentary wine quickly and move on next door.

Who knows, maybe after a few small glasses of wine, you’ll finally “get” that modern art painting?

Nonetheless, this is a wonderful night to spend out with friends or with someone you think of as more than a friend…

Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for rain tomorrow.

Fortunately, this provides an opportunity for those prepared to paint themselves as their own masterpiece.

Leonid Afremov (http://www.chictip.com/art/modern-artist-leonid-afremov)

Leonid Afremov (Chic Tip online)

On second thought, here’s to hoping it does rain…