Daily Archives: May 21, 2014

Generation C


Whether it’s from high school or college, it’s an event of celebration, reflection and some lighthearted humor.

Plus, a life lesson or two.

Interestingly, high school graduation feels more like a collective achievement because we all made it to that singular destination (college). Our high school class grew up together, from our first memories at preschool. Regardless of the specific university, we were going to college.

We did it!

Graduating from college is more of an individual achievement because we (more than likely) went to school with people from different towns, states and maybe even countries. Our studies were specialized to our interests. At this point, after walking across the stage with our diploma in-hand, we had to find our specific destination within the gigantic and chaotic thing called “the real world.”

Can I do it?

Six years later, I’ve thought about what I would like to hear if I was just now graduating from college. Or, what I wished I had heard six years ago.

Here it goes, a shortened version anyways.


The world we live in is a crazy place. And I mean crazy! Just watch or read the news at any hour of the day and you know what I’m talking about.

“Why have they spent the past 24 hours telling us they haven’t found this plane yet?”

The world is a busy and random place. The people we come across on a daily basis ranges from normal to the absurd, yet everything seems to function as it’s supposed to, like clockwork.

How does all this come together to work?

I guess it’s all just kind of imperfectly perfect.

Anyways…Doctor. Lawyer. Captain of Industry.

These are the sough-after “money” positions. These are the jobs we should pursue, right?

Yes and no.

If it fits for you, then sure, absolutely. If not, find something that fits you better, whether it exists or not.

My sincere advice?

Whatever ranks you decide to join or invent as an entrepreneur, be sure to add your special kind of craziness to the mix, both in and out of the workplace.

What do I mean?

Be crazy nice and always open the door for the person behind you or in front of you.

Be crazy awesome and launch a business that makes dynamite food concoctions (FYI- Voodoo Doughnut in Portland nailed it with their Bacon Maple Bar doughnut!).

Be crazy in love and dedicate yourself to that special someone in your life.

Be crazy creative and market in ways thought to be too “outside the box.”

Be crazy compassionate and volunteer at the local Food Bank in your spare time and connect in ways you never imagined.

Be crazy inspiring and wash the windows at a local hospital in a superhero costume as excited kids watch.

Be crazy dancing guy/girl and make someone laugh on a Wednesday.

Be crazy enough to believe you can bring something to the “real world” that makes it a little better.

In this economy, jobs are few and far between. Past assumptions about living post-college are flying out the window. Will the above result in your dream job? I have no idea, but for this generation, you must be dedicated to thinking that you have the opportunity (and necessity) to bring some positive craziness to a world that’s becoming increasingly crazy and uncertain. If you do, then maybe that one person will take a chance on you for that job you’ve always wanted? Maybe that one person will say “yes” to a date? Maybe that one person will inspire you to do something you’re passionate about, but were too nervous to do before?

Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, become that needle in a haystack. Be a bright, shining presence who is ready for their shot when the right person looks in your direction.

You’d be crazy not to.