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A Resurgent Warning

Never underestimate the impact of a movie’s soundtrack.

Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters on June 24th. The original is a classic. The 1996 science-fiction smash hit is as American as apple pie. Considering the multiple trailers and special videos involved in the viral video-driven marketing strategy of movie studios these days, resisting the hype for this highly-anticipated sequel has been difficult. Ideally, a little taste from just the first trailer will best allow for maximum surprises when sitting on the edge of my seat in the theater the opening Friday night.

Listening to the isolated trailer music helps quench my thirst until the premiere.

The sequel must get here faster.

Happy Monday!

Steven Spielberg turned 69 this past Friday.

Arguably the greatest director of all-time, Spielberg has become a film genre himself. Kids and adults love and admire his visual storytelling, for different and similar reasons. For any person who loves movies, a Spielberg foundation is a necessity. Without experiencing the magic of Spielberg, it’s impossible to experience the true magic of movies.

And that’s why he’s celebrated with such fanfare.

That’s why it’s surprising that some people within the film industry didn’t see his burgeoning genius for granted from the very beginning of his bright, trailblazing career. The father of the summer blockbuster (Jaws) received a few nominations from the Academy for his work with the great white shark.

The video below offers Spielberg’s reaction from back in 1976.

People don’t always remember who won Oscars, but they will remember Steven Spielberg’s golden legacy.

Trust yourself and your vision and the right people will see it the right way.

Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg!

The Movie That Will Never Run “Outatime”

“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour…” 



Thirty years ago today, Back to the Future flew into our world and has sustained as a cinematic classic for its sublime story, characters, flying time machine and unforgettable catchphrases. This movie (and trilogy) sparked something truly amazing, permanently reserving a special place in our hearts and imaginations. It’s original, clever and patient, all while building throughout to an adrenaline-fueled ending.

Back to the Future premiered 30 years ago…now that’s heavy. 

The Imagination Whisperer

A picture is not only worth a thousand words, but now it can inspire millions of people of all ages.

Exhibit A: Robin van Persie’s diving header against Spain in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was the best goal of the tournament. Surprisingly, this moment nearly/does rise to the same level as the imagery of the Germans triumphantly lifting the World Cup trophy. That’s powerful. When that goal is replayed on television, it instantly encapsulates the top-level talent of the players and teams in that glorious tournament last summer.

This goal was the sports highlight of 2014.

Exhibit B: The highly-anticipated Jurassic World was expected to be a summer blockbuster, reinvigorating the franchise that started with the 1993 cinematic masterpiece Jurassic Park. The 2015 film will be remembered for many things, including its dinosaur-sized, record-breaking box office domination. Or how about how John Williams was welcomed back into our hearts, as well as to the top of the Billboard charts after 22 years. Jurassic World was the sequel everyone had been waiting for since watching the helicopter safely fly into the sunset over the oceanic horizon in June of 1993.

Enter Chris Pratt/Owen Grady.

As seen in the film and the trailers, Owen’s prowess for cautiously wrangling velociraptors is a spectacular sight of a person trying to control nature. There are several memorable scenes from the movie, but none like the raptor whisperer. However, the photograph after the screenshot is not directly from the film, but is instead of a child’s interpretation of the aforementioned scene with some parental coordination. And this pose has been done by many, however, this adaption showcases the dinosaur-loving kid in all of us.

This is the pose of 2015.



(Chris Pratt -- Facebook)

“Thank you to the parents of this little one. You’ve made my day” (Chris Pratt’s Facebook)

The image gets your attention, like a certain cup of trembling water…