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Happy 4th of July!

There’s a phrase, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

In the case of most Americans, they’re wishing that fiction was the truth.

Today is when we celebrate our founding fathers for their revolutionary vision and incredible blind faith in a new nation with new principles that would redefine the world forever. The United States of America is the greatest country in history, and 240 years ago, this nation declared that its citizens have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That’s the truth.

Here’s the fiction.

Independence Day: Resurgence has the difficult task of just trying to live up to the classic original. Certainly not an easy task, particularly without Will Smith. The rest of the cast and director did return, which is an encouraging sign. The 1996 B-Movie masterpiece was 2 and 1/2 hours of cinematic gold, featuring one of the best (if not the best) American presidential portrayals in film: President Thomas J. Whitmore. If there’s one dynamic the current presidential election cycle has verified, it’s that anything is possible. With this in mind, why not write-in or at least imagine a fictional movie character as our next president?

President Thomas J. Whitmore exemplifies the character and courage our founders had in mind back in 1776.

Happy Independence Day!


A Resurgent Warning

Never underestimate the impact of a movie’s soundtrack.

Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters on June 24th. The original is a classic. The 1996 science-fiction smash hit is as American as apple pie. Considering the multiple trailers and special videos involved in the viral video-driven marketing strategy of movie studios these days, resisting the hype for this highly-anticipated sequel has been difficult. Ideally, a little taste from just the first trailer will best allow for maximum surprises when sitting on the edge of my seat in the theater the opening Friday night.

Listening to the isolated trailer music helps quench my thirst until the premiere.

The sequel must get here faster.

Happy Monday!

Bill Pullman’s speech as President Thomas J. Whitmore in Independence Day gave us goosebumps back in 1996.

That same speech is being used to excite us all over again nearly 20 years later. You could say that declarative message of grit, inspiration and bravery is experiencing a resurgence.

Yeah, I have chills too.

Have a Great Week! 

P.S. Will Smith, what could’ve been…

There’s No Independence Day After Earth

Now this is what I call a close encounter…of the sequel kind.

The follow-up to Independence Day was announced a few months back, but during a recent forum in the secret alien hotbed of Albuquerque, New Mexico with the stars (including Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman) and director Roland Emmerich, the most pressing question was discussed:

Why didn’t Captain Steven Hiller Will Smith return?

Emmerich shed some light on this issue.

In the very beginning, I wanted to work with him and he was excited to be in it but then after a while he was tired of sequels, and he did another science fiction film, which was his father-son story, so he opted out.”

Keep in mind that the science-fiction film with the literal father-son story was a movie called After Earth, which was heavily panned and was a box office flop. Still, an Independence Day sequel would have revived a favored father-son relationship, while being just one of many character plot lines. The scale of this science-fiction saga stretches far and wide, both with its story and characters. It would not have been “the Will Smith movie,” yet he is a critical part of this newly created franchise. Plus, the 1996 alien summer blockbuster is still loved by fans and Will Smith is a major reason for that.

Smith’s excuse, therefore, is weak and unacceptable. He is one of the few actors in Hollywood that earns a fresh look from the audience with each new project. Arriving in theaters next year, it’s probably safe to say that Smith will regret passing on this movie. It’s essentially impossible to bring something back from yesteryear and for it to be as good as the original. Except, with this movie and its original director, all of its big name stars returning and the initial plot (it’s 20 years later and David Levinson is/has been leading a global initiative to prepare for any future alien attacks), the potential is high for a fun return to some exciting 1996 cinematic nostalgia.

As a bonus for fans, the official title was revealed:

Independence Day: Resurgence.

The aliens will try to blow up Jurassic World’s box office records next summer starting June 24th.