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Time for a Cookie

President Donald Trump.

That is a real sentence, ladies and gentlemen.

January 20, 2017 will go down in history as the day when Donald Trump (yes, that Donald Trump) was officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. This really happened. Major policy decisions at the federal level will be significantly influenced by President Trump, the businessman and reality TV populist who became the leader of the free world. What will the next four years look like?

Who knows?

Many Americans (and leaders abroad) are a bit nervous of how President Trump will act and make decisions on the world’s stage. Fair enough. Populism, thus far, has not earned the megaphone anywhere nearly as powerful and influential as the American presidency in its burgeoning movement around the world. So, this will be an interesting domestic and global experiment, to say the least.

Accordingly, people are slightly on edge about President Trump due to his controversial rhetoric on the campaign trail. Specifically, this concerns his comments that fall into the category of race relations. Rightly or wrongly, the following classic scene from a popular sitcom catapulted its way to the front of my mind today as the peaceful transition of power took place with protestors in the background.

Who should we turn to in this hour of anxious anticipation? Washington? Lincoln? Reagan?


Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States of America. Bringing up a scene from Seinfeld during this admittedly bizarre moment in American history is absolutely fair game…and, quite frankly, appropriate.

The American people hired Mr. Trump to be the president. And in four years, President Trump will experience life on the other side of the boardroom table.

Until then, all I can say is find a bakery with Jerry’s favorite cookie.

Making a Fuss for the Restivus

Seinfeld taught us everything there is to know about nothing, which turned out to be everything we love twenty years later.

As the innovative Frank Costanza would say today, on December 23rd of each year, “Happy Festivus!”

Courtesy of the aforementioned Frank Costanza, the creator of “Festivus,” the world was given the platform to air-out their grievances whilst in the presence of our loved ones and an aluminum pole.

What’s my grievance this year?

That Festivus still isn’t a federally recognized holiday.

Ask yourself: Do you have an aluminum pole set upright in the middle of your home?

You would have the chance to get one if you had today off, with plenty of time in the evening to grieve, culminating in a hilarious wrestling match.

Happy Festivus!

P.S. A donation has been made in your name to the Human Fund.

No Shrinkage of Laughter Here

Nobody knows how to be you but you…except somebody else.

Seinfeld is undeniably one of the greatest sitcoms (and comedy universes) in history. Character development had the right momentum, the writing was brilliantly original, yet was restricted to a specific style and flow, and the comedic quartet was dynamically perfect. The guest stars were hits and some even became pop culture icons.

Soup, anyone?

It’s been reported that Jerry (himself), George, Elaine and Kramer were all based (at least in some part) on real people. That just adds to the hilarity of the stories. It also makes the characters all the more relatable.

Speaking of which, George Costanza is based on series co-creator Larry David. But who plays a better George: Jason Alexander or Larry David?

World’s are colliding!

Smoke and Foam (No Mirrors)

Moving here, there and everywhere.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which may include staying at home and awaiting a Noah’s Ark variety of family members (and their pets) showing up or bravely traveling away from home for a short holiday vacation. Either way, relaxation will inevitably be intercepted by stress at certain points the next few days and it’s important to anticipate this predictable chaos. There’s no magic escape to this reality. It could be cooking the turkey, parking everybody’s cars to comply with local laws, keeping screaming children quiet or ensuring the dinner conversation remains lighthearted and friendly (unless you’re celebrating Festivus). This way, whatever does arise out of nowhere can be resolved with the greatest demonstration of tranquil multitasking anybody has ever seen.

Well, second best…

Here’s to trying Kramer’s bar magic this holiday (sniff, sniff – if you know what I’m saying).