Making a Fuss for the Restivus

Seinfeld taught us everything there is to know about nothing, which turned out to be everything we love twenty years later.

As the innovative Frank Costanza would say today, on December 23rd of each year, “Happy Festivus!”

Courtesy of the aforementioned Frank Costanza, the creator of “Festivus,” the world was given the platform to air-out their grievances whilst in the presence of our loved ones and an aluminum pole.

What’s my grievance this year?

That Festivus still isn’t a federally recognized holiday.

Ask yourself: Do you have an aluminum pole set upright in the middle of your home?

You would have the chance to get one if you had today off, with plenty of time in the evening to grieve, culminating in a hilarious wrestling match.

Happy Festivus!

P.S. A donation has been made in your name to the Human Fund.


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