Coldplay on a Warm Day

Something special is lighting up the sky.

Spending Christmas eve with family is a joyous occasion, including the surprisingly warm temperatures. Typically, snow flurries would be covering the ground and car windshields by this time of the year. But alas, Mother Nature has granted us an extra dose of sun instead in the Buckeye state.

From evening Church and being reminded of the wonder of our Lord to being together for an after-service dinner and enjoying the comedy stylings of the Griswolds, this is one of those days that shines above. And even though there are classic Christmas songs from yesteryear that we should be listening to on repeat this holiday season, it’s nice to enter a new CD into the disc-changing rotation every once in a while (man, I’m old).

Coldplay’s 2010 holiday stunner, “Christmas Lights” deserves a listen to on everybody’s night shift.

And the video is classic Coldplay and, therefore, quite wonderful.

Taking a moment to gaze at colorfully inspiring lights during the Christmas season really is heavenly.


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