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FBI Director Comey: You’re Fired

Yes, this really just happened.

As is the nature of breaking news, little information is known beyond the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump. However, the very unusual firing of an FBI Director does raise many questions that will be asked relentlessly in the coming days and weeks.

Why did President Trump fire FBI Director James Comey? More specifically, why right now? Why by way of a letter?

For a president who made a past career out of firing people a must-see televised event that included extensive analysis of his reasoning, this firing-by-opaque-letter is very odd.

Seems like a situation for the FBI to investigate.


Time for a Cookie

President Donald Trump.

That is a real sentence, ladies and gentlemen.

January 20, 2017 will go down in history as the day when Donald Trump (yes, that Donald Trump) was officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. This really happened. Major policy decisions at the federal level will be significantly influenced by President Trump, the businessman and reality TV populist who became the leader of the free world. What will the next four years look like?

Who knows?

Many Americans (and leaders abroad) are a bit nervous of how President Trump will act and make decisions on the world’s stage. Fair enough. Populism, thus far, has not earned the megaphone anywhere nearly as powerful and influential as the American presidency in its burgeoning movement around the world. So, this will be an interesting domestic and global experiment, to say the least.

Accordingly, people are slightly on edge about President Trump due to his controversial rhetoric on the campaign trail. Specifically, this concerns his comments that fall into the category of race relations. Rightly or wrongly, the following classic scene from a popular sitcom catapulted its way to the front of my mind today as the peaceful transition of power took place with protestors in the background.

Who should we turn to in this hour of anxious anticipation? Washington? Lincoln? Reagan?


Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States of America. Bringing up a scene from Seinfeld during this admittedly bizarre moment in American history is absolutely fair game…and, quite frankly, appropriate.

The American people hired Mr. Trump to be the president. And in four years, President Trump will experience life on the other side of the boardroom table.

Until then, all I can say is find a bakery with Jerry’s favorite cookie.

Some New Laughs for Thee to Enjoy

This is the real (wait, fake) debate of the 2016 presidential election we’ve all been waiting for in this weekend’s premiere of the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live.

Comedy has its place in politics and Saturday Night Live (SNL) is that epicenter. The in-house legend Lorne Michaels, fully aware of his institution’s role in highly contentious elections, sought outside help to gently assist in a (potential) ratings bonanza by convincing longtime friend Alec Baldwin to play Donald Trump opposite hilarious cast member Kate McKinnon (Hillary Clinton). Throughout SNL’s esteemed history, creating caricatures of major political candidates and powerful leaders has been an entertaining trademark of the show. Particularly this election cycle, the major question isn’t determining whether there will be ample material from both sides.

Or material from the third candidate: Aleppo…Aleppo…Aleppo?

The concern is how much of the material has to be written?

The craziness, anger and, yes, sadness, of this presidential election has reached new lows that people never thought possible from the two major (well, all of the) candidates for the White House. And politics has always provided a steep curve. Still, scandals and new reasons for anger erupt on a seemingly daily basis, frustrating voters across the political spectrum. “These are our choices?” In this time of great trepidation, let’s take comfort in the words of the late Mark Twain:

“Humor is tragedy plus time.”

SNL is banking on five days being enough time from the tragedy of that first presidential debate.

The Art of Compromise

Donald Trump offers to get the American public inside the White House for tours during the next several months while the person who sits at the head of the table is President Barack Obama. What?

A recent Newt Gingrich tweet read, “Donald trump should offer to pay for the white house tours. He can afford it and it would show who cares more for American students.”

CNN reported that while taking part in an interview over the phone with Fox & Friends, “The Donald” responded to the tweet with, “I think it’s so nice of Newt to suggest that.” He added, “But it sounds reasonable to me. Why not?”

Donald Trump, who repeatedly criticizes the president, is willing to write checks for $74,000/week, or $2 million for the necessary seven months (according to the U.S. Secret Service), to the United States government. The federal government is run by the same President Obama who, in response to enduring Trump’s constant critiques, made direct and equally cheeky retorts to the aforementioned billionaire business mogul at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011. This seemingly bizarre offer would mean that the American people could again visit and regularly take tours of the White House currently occupied by a man Trump politically opposes in Mr. Obama.

As a famous Ohioan once said, “Only in America!”

Despite any preconceived notions people may have towards Mr. Trump, they do have to applaud his offer. He is willing to spend his own money earned in the private sector to fund the over-spent and temper tantrum throwing public sector for the good of the country. It is strange though how he puts his name over everything since he wasn’t the one who actually built his company over all these years…the nerve right!

“It’s certainly not a lot of money. The big thing is that the country is going to lose a trillion dollars this year,” he said. “Closing the White House tours is not exactly the biggest thing on the agenda.”

Picture Donald Trump funding the White House tours and for his second act sets-up signs, posters and advertisements of all shapes and sizes around the entire perimeter of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue promoting, “White House Tours, courtesy of Donald Trump.” There would be gold for as far as the eye can see with John Rich, Omarosa and Bret Michaels handing out Trump gift bags while happily mingling with the visitors.

It would be “terrific!” (It could even become the season finale of the next Celebrity Apprentice…ratings-ratings-ratings!)

Trump, who has built an empire synonymous with opulence, extravagance and the color gold, would give back to the American public on vacation in our nation’s capital and countless 8th graders on their annual class trips the joy of experiencing “the people’s house.”

Actually, this would provide America’s students with a great lesson combining political science with physics: one political stunt will generate an equal and opposite political stunt.

Forget dinners, this would get President Obama to sincerely negotiate with the Republicans. Americans would win with paid-for White House tours and the president would finally witness firsthand the power and positive influence of the private sector.

Donald Trump for the win.