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There’s a Nice Way to Make a Movie Trailer, Karen

Is there a better “Flashback Friday” than the ’70s retro trailer for the 2016 buddy cop movie The Nice Guys?

I don’t think so.

The marketing campaign for The Nice Guys a couple years back was as fantastic and fun as the film being promoted. And it was covered extensively by Jimmy’s Daily Planet. The film’s trailers (retro, animated, traditional) and interviews with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling (individual and joint) were simply incredible. The strategy for making and promoting this entertaining flashback to ’70s-style cinema in the form of a hilariously self-aware and brutally clever buddy-cop bromance didn’t receive the accolades it should have at the moment.

Just this writer’s opinion.

The good news is, in the YouTube era, we can reminisce with relative ease.

And that’s nice, guys.

P.S. Bonus points to anyone who caught the admittedly subtle movie-line reference in this blog post’s title to a line from a recently acclaimed film by one of the aforementioned actors.   

Aussies Aussies Aussies in a Crock Croc Doc?

It’s a joke, right?

Or is it real in some way? No, it’s definitely a Crocodile Dundee parody disguised as a feature film.

FYI – There are so many (nearly every) major Australian actor and actress these days in Dundee

This trailer, presumably written and produced for a rarely watched football game in February, will likely have an elaborate reveal during one of the primetime commercial spots for the forthcoming Super Bowl this Sunday. And given the influential power of finely crafted movie trailers, whatever (cough cough whoever) is being promoted deserves a high-five for creativity, if the right ending has been written.

Your beer advertisement isn’t a crazy awesome Super Bowl commercial, Dundee’s mysterious conclusion will (hopefully) be a crazy awesome Super Bowl commercial!

That’s a Wrap (For the Teaser Trailer)

People have an eternal affection for vintage.

Or, in this case, the ancient.

Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe and others have joined forces to bring the world the newest cinematic treatment of ancient Egypt and its magical lore. Deftly titled The Mummy, the first-look (not much of an exaggeration) recently hit the internet.

Looks like Mr. Cruise has yet another mission that seems impossible. The Mummy, depending on the full trailer, may be a movie fans will choose to accept.

Happy Monday!

It’s a case we prefer not to carry.

Mondays are tough, with no easy way of transitioning from the relaxing nature of the weekend to the early start of the busy workweek. If we could simply wave goodbye to Monday, that would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

Seems easy enough.

Except, just when you think the case of the Mondays is gone and everything is better, this unrelenting force of surprising necessity reappears next to the piano player in your rec room.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, continuing their unconventional (yet highly-entertaining and effective) promotion for The Nice Guys, sat down for an interview with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show on CBS. Their segment demonstrated that sometimes we need the things we push away the hardest. Without Monday, there would be no “Happy Monday!” courtesy of Jimmy’s Daily Planet to make the jump back to work more fun, inspiring and, above all else, a little easier.

Monday, please come back around (but only on the once-a-week schedule).

Have a Very Nice, Happy Monday!

P.S. The Nice Guys arrives in theaters this Friday, May 20th.