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I, Margot, Am an International Woman

Today is International Women’s Day.

This is a great occasion to celebrate, as the world is filled with women who are and have made amazing contributions in a variety of ways. Whether it be personal or professional (or both), women are doing terrific things every day that positively impact society. And that’s actually the important thing to take away from today. Why is it just one day? Shouldn’t women be recognized on a daily basis?

Well, time to step off the soapbox. In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to spotlight my favorite international woman:

Australian actress Margot Robbie, who recently starred in I, Tonya.

That’s what it means to celebrate International Women’s Day, right?


Aussies Aussies Aussies in a Crock Croc Doc?

It’s a joke, right?

Or is it real in some way? No, it’s definitely a Crocodile Dundee parody disguised as a feature film.

FYI – There are so many (nearly every) major Australian actor and actress these days in Dundee

This trailer, presumably written and produced for a rarely watched football game in February, will likely have an elaborate reveal during one of the primetime commercial spots for the forthcoming Super Bowl this Sunday. And given the influential power of finely crafted movie trailers, whatever (cough cough whoever) is being promoted deserves a high-five for creativity, if the right ending has been written.

Your beer advertisement isn’t a crazy awesome Super Bowl commercial, Dundee’s mysterious conclusion will (hopefully) be a crazy awesome Super Bowl commercial!

Seeing a Fantasy = Believing Reality?

Winnie-the-Pooh’s origin story began with a war?

Reality and fantasy are opposite points of view, each clamoring for our allegiance in a myriad of situations throughout our lives. Which branch on this tree should we reach for? There are rational reasonings for leaning towards both reality and fantasy, given certain circumstances and moments.

But what if the two were interlinked?

For the British author A.A. Milne (who died on January 31, 1956), he discovered a moment in his life when he didn’t have to choose between reality and fantasy.

The second trailer for Goodbye Christopher Robin was recently released.

Goodbye Christopher Robin arrives in theaters on October 13, 2017.

It’s still surreal that A.A. Milne made the jump from the lasting effects of war to talking stuffed animals.

Surreal, yet very real.

Or, in other words: Fantastical, yet firmly rooted in reality.