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Your Childhood on the Silver Screen

Jimmy’s Daily Planet keeps up with new movie trailers. I also have lots of young nieces and nephews.

Featuring a brand new trailer from Disney, today’s blog post is for them.

And Disney’s Christopher Robin is for anybody with an active, playful imagination.

Seeing a Fantasy = Believing Reality?

Winnie-the-Pooh’s origin story┬ábegan with a war?

Reality and fantasy are opposite points of view, each clamoring for our allegiance in a myriad of situations throughout our lives. Which branch on this tree should we reach for? There are rational reasonings for leaning towards both reality and fantasy, given certain circumstances and moments.

But what if the two were interlinked?

For the British author A.A. Milne (who died on January 31, 1956), he discovered a moment in his life when he didn’t have to choose between reality and fantasy.

The second trailer for Goodbye Christopher Robin was recently released.

Goodbye Christopher Robin arrives in theaters on October 13, 2017.

It’s still surreal that A.A. Milne made the jump from the lasting effects of war to talking stuffed animals.

Surreal, yet very real.

Or, in other words: Fantastical, yet firmly rooted in reality.


Winnie the Pooh is…True?

Sort of.

Image result for winnie the pooh holding hand christopher robin

(Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, Disney)

Warning: Naming your stuffed animals can be life-changing.

Creativity is not something that can be memorized from a textbook. In its purest and most imapctful sense, creativity is a reaction or a feeling someone has to something or someone that few (if anyone else) sees. It happens when it happens. And creativity can be a truly wonderul thing when it rises from the normal everyday.

While we’ve all watched and enjoyed the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, including his best human friend Christopher Robin, it’s a safe bet that most of us don’t know the story-behind-the-story. Well, later this year, moviegoers will discover the former that inspired the latter.

To think it all started when British author A.A. Milne was casually introduced to some wonderfully named stuffed animals…

There is just something magical about England of yesteryear (or the days of yore, if you’re like Rachel Green) with its picturesque architecture and dreamlike parks. Maybe that special feeling we have is the result of so many creative people before who have subtly transformed these pleasant thoughts from England into our illustrious reality over the course of many generations? Cheers, either way. And it looks like Goodbye Christopher Robin aims to showcase one of those delightfully impressionable chapters in that evolving lineage of happy thoughts from that place across the pond.

A.A. Milne, his son and his cast of characters are not rock stars like the Beatles. However, their tale of heartwarming imagination continues to “top the charts” (of sorts) with children and parents alike, spanning multiple generations…like the Beatles.

Also like the Beatles, Winnie the Pooh wants to hold your hand.