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Sheldon Cooper’s First Roommate Agreement

Have you ever been curious what would happen if The Big Bang Theory became TV friends with The Wonder Years?

Come this fall, you’ll wonder no more.

My reaction to the brand new TV trailer for Young Sheldon, in a single word, which would surely appease the relentlessly efficient conversationalist, Dr. Sheldon Cooper:


P.S. Looks like Chuck Lorre has done it again.


Kansas, Revisited

Laughter is the best medicine…

especially when you have to deal with all that dust in the wind.

The Late Late Show host James Corden skipped “Carpool Karaoke” and instead teamed up with Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons for a musical homage in classic Kansas style (and then some hilarious ridiculousness). Mr. Corden, like Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, continues to prove his prowess for singing-related skits. While there are plenty of musical groups today that deserve parody, it can be quite entertaining to flashback to an era some may have forgotten for a brief moment.

And Thursday seems like an appropriate day for such a flashback.

Notice any similarities with the real Kansas music video for their hit “Dust in the Wind”?

Well played, James and Jim…well played.

In a World, Where Wednesday’s are Fun…

It’s Wednesday, which calls for something fun!

One of the many games that Sheldon Cooper has invented on, “The Big Bang Theory,” is counter-factual, in which he and neurobiology gal-pal Amy Farrah Fowler answer questions about a world that takes an unexpected and weirdly fascinating turn.

For example:

I present to you the first-ever Jimmy’s Daily Planet’s Counter-Factual Question:

In a world, where sharks act as guardians, which nation rises to superiority regarding coastal defense?

And remember, be prepared to defend yourself tomorrow because there is only one correct answer!

“The Big Bang Theory” Sweeps into May

The sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” is a scientifically proven success and demonstrates on a weekly basis an exponential rise in its comedic value congruent with past levels of great sitcom hilarity and has shown an elasticity in how it continues to expand its comedic reach and potential while progressing from episode to episode, thereby harmonizing itself with the universe in a dimension thankfully inhabited by us with the capacity to observe the aforementioned situation comedy in the comforts of our own homes on the CBS network at the convenient time slot of 8:00 p.m. during television’s prime time scheduling block.

Or, in other words, a brand new episode of, “The Big Bang Theory” premieres tonight and features special guest star Bob Newhart! This show has brought in terrific guest stars in the past, including Dr. George Smoot (we’re both alums of Upper Arlington High School!) and Stephen Hawking. Mr. Newhart will be no exception during this season’s final “sweeps” period.

There are scenes from this show that truly surprise and show the hilarious, as well as heartfelt, twists and turns that have defined this sitcom as an American favorite. A particular Christmas gift exchange comes to mind…

Today, enjoy one of these stand-out moments when one self-described genius finally lifted himself over the hurdle (or halfway through a bottle) regarding his fear of public speaking.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, how do you really feel about geologists?

…that all started with a big bang-bang!”