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Before Making a Move, Check for a Mate to Help

Aside from a chalkboard with Chinese algebra, chess may be the hardest board to read.

Like most kids in 1993, Searching for Bobby Fischer had a profound effect on me in terms of how gritty films could translate into cinematic works of art. Then there was this new game called chess. And chess is a wonderful game. At the exact moment you think you’ve mastered it, you quickly realize there’s an entirely new playbook to be learned. Unlike other games, chess requires a relentless mind in ways that equally generates adrenaline and emotional bursts of insanity. The case study for this type of intoxicating paranoia is, fittingly enough, the legendary Bobby Fischer.

See the 2014 film Pawn Sacrifice starring Tobey Maguire as the aforementioned Mr. Fischer.

In the spirit of attempting to climb into the mindset of a brilliant, world-class chess player, the easiest path may be for a brilliant, world-class chess player to climb into our head.

The following video will explain.

Seeing myriad moves that lead to success that few people in the world can envision is truly a gift.

What’s his hourly rate?


In a World…

Since today is Thursday and a new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” will be on tonight at 8:00 p.m. on CBS, I would like to present this blog’s second riddle that can only be pondered while thinking of this show.

Ready? Let’s play!

In a world, where people can, for a short time, jump/hop several feet in the air without being held down by the restraints of gravity, what snack will skyrocket in demand to become the most popular type of food?

The answer will be in tomorrow’s post!

Here is a quick refresher of “Counter-Factuals” to help get into the right (well, not right, but necessary) mindset to answer the above riddle:

Good Luck!

Happy Monday!

The work week can feel like a treacherous labyrinth with a myriad of turns and trick doors that lead to only one rewarding exit. And once Monday morning hits, it can hit hard. Loosely planning our schedule for the week Sunday evening is instantly translated from an outlook to reality when our alarms abruptly ring Monday morning. It’s here and it’s real.

How are we supposed to approach the work week with this unwelcome jolt of musical tunes/tones?

Some days require laughter, some days require inspiration and some days require the mental equivalent to coffee with shots of acute cognitive awareness…with a timer.

This may even come from somewhere you never expected. But when you arrive and realize how to play the game, you never want to leave that place.

Happy Monday!

Two Quarterbacks Walk onto the Field…

The Ohio State Buckeyes travel to Berkeley, California this Saturday to battle the aerial arsenal that is the Cal Bears for an early season match-up between the Big Ten and the Pac-12 conferences.

It’s the Midwest vs. the West Coast.

Before the 2013 season, nearly all the hype for the Buckeyes was dedicated to their star quarterback, Braxton Miller. However, after a nasty hit in last week’s game against San Diego State that left Miller’s helmet on the field after just nine plays, head coach Urban Meyer has yet to definitively clear him to start this weekend. Miller is considered to be a game time decision.

And yet, this is, potentially, not even the biggest headline going into the game.

The most intriguing question is how much playing time will backup sensation Kenny Guiton receive? Guiton has proven to play with a style very close to that of Miller, which could open up the offensive playbook for some very fun, unusual play calls where two quarterbacks are lined up in a spread formation.

Sound familiar Buckeye fans?

The storylines for the game in Berkeley consist of many aspects, like:

  • Cal’s passing offense vs. Ohio State’s active (or reactive) nature in the secondary
  • Ohio State’s diverse rushing attack
  • Will Braxton Miller start? If so, how much will he play? How effective will he be?
  • Does Kenny Guiton start? If not, how much time might he see?
  • Will Cal’s capable rusher deflect the young “Silver Bullets?”
  • Will defense, ultimately, be a factor? Or will the Bears and Buckeyes engage in an old fashioned western shootout?
  • How influential is Cal’s home field advantage?

Still, beyond the suspected pregame analysis, what would the Buckeyes look like with two athletic quarterbacks lined up in a spread formation? Imagine the possibilities…

Everyone is talking about Plan A (with Miller) or Plan B (with Guiton).

I’m thinking of a more dynamic formula. How about A + B?

Playing with the starting quarterback and backup quarterback in formations would be a very liberal approach to the offense and I can think of no better place to experiment with such an endeavor than Berkeley, California.