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Columbus, OH Is Thunderstruck

What did Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer know? When did Urban Meyer know? Why didn’t he act back in 2015?

Right now, there are more questions than answers in the breaking story concerning former assistant Zach Smith–the grandson of Mr. Meyer’s mentor Earle Bruce–and accusations against Mr. Smith regarding domestic violence against his wife. One answer we do know is that Urban Meyer has been placed on paid administrative leave while Ohio State investigates this matter.

A fair speculation we can presume at this point is that, like former OSU head coach Jim Tressel, there was an effort by Mr. Meyer to slide a critical issue under the rug to prevent a tough personal decision. Particularly given the severity of the situation, Mr. Meyer absolutely should have acted to protect Zach Smith’s wife, regardless of the lifelong family connection via Mr. Bruce.

More recently, Mr. Meyer should have told the truth when publicly asked about whether he knew about the aforementioned allegation against Zach Smith back in 2015.

This story will develop by the day, hour and minute. For now, in the immediate aftermath, it’s difficult envisioning Urban Meyer remaining the head coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Edge of the Unknown

The 2016 Ohio State football season will be…


Head football coach Urban Meyer has proven his prowess for delivering a Buckeyes team that seriously challenges for the national title/a playoff spot during the past few years. This includes a national championship in 2014. Following a mega successful NFL Draft this summer, the 2016 season will likely be successful, but with questions. Many of these questions will start with the words “how” and “who.”

How will quarterback J.T. Barrett rise to the level of a Heisman candidate, necessary for Ohio State’s overall team success? Who will Barrett pass the ball to in short down situations? Who will Barrett’s long-range target(s) be down the field? How will Mike Weber compare to Ezekiel Elliott? How much running will Barrett have to do to make up for a (potentially) struggling Weber? Who will be the play makers on defense? Who among the heralded freshmen will make a name for themselves like Joey Bosa?

Luckily for the Buckeyes, they have a defensive end with the last name Bosa (Joey Bosa’s brother Nick).

The point is that Ohio State football is a well-oiled machine that will, in all likelihood, produce yet another incredible season for its passionate fans. But how incredible? Nobody knows for certain exactly how this season will transpire. In order for November showdowns to have the same consequence as past seasons, there’s a word that must reveal itself in the preceding months:


Who will inspire the Buckeyes to push themselves beyond their expectations to the next-level seen during the 2014 National Championship run? This is the question that Urban Meyer most likely wants answered the most because the solution to this overarching, macro problem could resolve or band-aid many of the existing and inevitable micro issues.

The video editing crew is giving it their best shot to inspire fans before the first kickoff of the 2016 season against Urban Meyer’s former team Bowling Green State University this Saturday at The Ohio Stadium at noon.

“Welcome to the Edge.”

And what will be on the other side of the edge for the Buckeyes in 2016?

Happy Monday!

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the kings of college football.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports (ESPN) employs the supremely obnoxious “analyst” Mark May, who absolutely hates Ohio State. His “genius” insight led him to declare the Buckeyes didn’t deserve to be in the college football playoff and even refused to admit OSU belonged to be in the national championship game against Oregon after they beat Alabama.

The relentless cycle of May’s classless ways and disdain for Buckeye Nation has always been known by its fans, but his “expert” analysis and refusal to accept reality wasn’t lost on head coach (and former colleague) Urban Meyer. On Friday night, while at the Ohio Union to celebrate the national championship with students (before Saturday’s 45,000 + attendance in the Horseshoe in the cold), Meyer arranged a short message for the Worldwide Loser in Sports: ESPN’s Mark May.

It’s probably a safe bet that ESPN’s Lou Holtz will send May that video too.

Happy Monday!

Ohio State’s 12th Man

Normally, I wouldn’t post a link that takes you away from Jimmy’s Daily Planet. However, this story/video is the amazing exception.

Jacob Jarvis is THE definition of a Buckeye Champion.