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RIP Arnold Palmer

Yesterday, golfing legend Arnold Palmer died.

At the towering age of 87, Arnold Palmer inspired countless people on the green as much as he did children in hospitals. To put it simply, Arnold Palmer was old school. He was old school in his modesty, his graciousness and his talent. This is a trying blog post to write because while yesterday’s news sparks sadness, it’s equally impossible not to crack the gentlest of grins in honor of a man who changed people’s lives far beyond the drama of the 18th hole.

Arnold Palmer not only conquered his sport, but he understood the true meaning and responsibility of doing so.

“The Arnold Palmer” is 2/3 iced tea and 1/3 lemonade, yet his legacy as a golfing icon and a quintessential gentleman, on-and-off the course, is absolute.

RIP Arnold Palmer.

Sci-Fi’s Newest Passengers

Is there space for another movie about…space?

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in a new film Passengers that, as far as we know, tells the story of two people aboard a space ship/stunningly awesome city in the stars who wake up from their slumber 90 years early to chaos that builds and builds towards an explosive third act. At this point, the primary question surrounding this movie is whether it’s solely rooted in cutting-edge entertainment or if it combines special effects and a subtle, yet profound commentary about the current state of humanity? The best films incorporate both qualities with cleverly disguised dialogue and open-ended questions without giving clear, direct answers hidden throughout the film worthy of Houdini himself.

Let’s check out the Avalon together.

On December 21st of this year, we’ll discover if Passengers has what it takes to be in the driver’s seat of innovative science-fiction.

The One Where We Made 6 Friends

September 22, 1994: The world changed.

Friends, widely regarded as the (or one of the greatest TV shows) in history premiered on NBC exactly 22 years ago. Stop doing the math of where/how old you were on this day, I have and no good comes from it. The names Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe would redefine popular culture in a supremely special way. If you’re flipping through channels and a rerun of a Friends episode is on, odds are decent (as in a guarantee) that you’ll watch it…and then the episode that comes next.

Speaking of which, remember the first glimpse we all got of everyone’s favorite six friends?

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s blog post is one of the reasons why “Throwback Thursday” exists. And it’s been a little while since I’ve seen a rerun of the Friends pilot, which was a fantastic first chapter in the epic 10-season story of this epitome of what a sitcom should be.

I guess you could say the pilot and I had been on a break.

A Crash Course in Listening

“Speak softly and carry a big stick”
–President Theodore Roosevelt

Perhaps we should listen to softly spoken words and, from there, determine what we’ll carry…

Steven Spielberg is the greatest movie director of all-time. But how did he become a movie directing icon? The highly sought after position of Hollywood movie director requires mastering expensive, virtually unavailable and evolving technology, acquiring an acute knowledge of cameras, lighting and effects, gathering a Scrooge McDuck vault of gold coins for a single film and projecting an unforeseen vision of the world to be successful. People (business partners and fans alike) trust you to deliver on the biggest stage/screen. A hiccup could derail your dream in the same time it takes for two trains to crash.

Or, that’s the precise amount of time it takes for you to see everything.

Teachers come in all forms.

And when you realize that, you’ll be admitted to the greatest show on earth.