Daily Archives: September 26, 2016

RIP Arnold Palmer

Yesterday, golfing legend Arnold Palmer died.

At the towering age of 87, Arnold Palmer inspired countless people on the green as much as he did children in hospitals. To put it simply, Arnold Palmer was old school. He was old school in his modesty, his graciousness and his talent. This is a trying blog post to write because while yesterday’s news sparks sadness, it’s equally impossible not to crack the gentlest of grins in honor of a man who changed people’s lives far beyond the drama of the 18th hole.

Arnold Palmer not only conquered his sport, but he understood the true meaning and responsibility of doing so.

“The Arnold Palmer” is 2/3 iced tea and 1/3 lemonade, yet his legacy as a golfing icon and a quintessential gentleman, on-and-off the course, is absolute.

RIP Arnold Palmer.