Sci-Fi’s Newest Passengers

Is there space for another movie about…space?

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in a new film Passengers that, as far as we know, tells the story of two people aboard a space ship/stunningly awesome city in the stars who wake up from their slumber 90 years early to chaos that builds and builds towards an explosive third act. At this point, the primary question surrounding this movie is whether it’s solely rooted in cutting-edge entertainment or if it combines special effects and a subtle, yet profound commentary about the current state of humanity? The best films incorporate both qualities with cleverly disguised dialogue and open-ended questions without giving clear, direct answers hidden throughout the film worthy of Houdini himself.

Let’s check out the Avalon together.

On December 21st of this year, we’ll discover if Passengers has what it takes to be in the driver’s seat of innovative science-fiction.


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