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Welcome to the Best of Richard Attenborough

Among his many films and performances, the following video clip is arguably the definitive few minutes of the late actor and director Richard Attenborough who passed away yesterday. Through the novel of Michael Crichton and the cinematic vision of Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park became a global sensation. Impressively, this movie franchise is probably as popular today as it was twenty years ago. And the innovative mad man/character behind this never-before-seen animal preserve was John Hammond, as portrayed by Richard Attenborough.

Like Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler, we all remember when John Hammond first brought us to Jurassic Park:

Happy Monday and RIP Richard Attenborough.


The Magnetism of Uncertainty

Ambiguity is a powerful, mesmerizing force. The uncertainty can seem boundless, unwilling to yield an answer or sense of finality. In the truest sense, not knowing can create a more treacherous journey than having something spelled out in front of you with clarity.

“Why don’t I know?”

“How can I find out?”

Equal in its hypnotic prowess is the art of music. When a song or an instrumental (music’s bare bones) can touch a nerve within us that yearns for discovering something in the unknown, that motivational energy is special…as well as frustrating. Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan’s next cinematic masterpiece Interstellar will not arrive into theaters until November. Fortunately, the song below (from the film’s second trailer) is available now.

Uncovering the mystery of the unknown can lead to an expedition of epic proportions. As the instrumental proves, the unknown can surround us until we finally choose to move in its direction.

We know the beginning, it’s just the ending that’s a bit unclear…

When 007 Meets N64

Jimmy Fallon has the unique charm of convincing celebrities and world-class athletes to participate in silly games on The Tonight Show, all with a certain “made in any American household during summertime boredom” energy and creativity. Who (in a million years) would have believed that 007 himself would partake in a video game challenge on national television? Who would have the courage to make such a proposition?

For anybody who played Goldeneye on N64 growing up, this moment was (pardon the most obvious pun of all-time here) absolutely golden!

Somehow, someway, it happened last night…

Don’t worry Pierce/007, we’ve all been there with the karate chop defense.

Throwing a “Hail Mary”

Braxton Miller.

After Miller re-injured his throwing shoulder yesterday in practice, just a couple weeks out from the season opener against Navy, there was a collective gasp that could be heard in every corner of Buckeye Nation. Potentially a season-ending injury, some are already deflating into a puddle of disappointment before the team has rushed into the Horseshoe for the first time this Fall. Understandably so, people are concerned. They should be. Braxton Miller is already a Heisman candidate based on his past successes, but we should look no further than just one year ago to find comfort.

Does the name Kenny Guiton still cause a Buckeye fan to smile?

Yes, it was in Berkeley, California last season against the Cal Bears when Kenny Guiton had a sensational display of throwing prowess for the Scarlet & Gray. Was it expected? No. Did it happen? Yes. For so many years when Jim Tressel was the head coach of the Buckeyes, literally everybody knew what play he was going to call (ironically, it rhymes with “fun”), regardless of age. Tressel had a system and, well, it worked pretty damn well. But it was predictable. These days, with Urban Meyer as the head coach (and the issue of dealing with restrictive sanctions), Ohio State has had to deal with adversity and many, many surprises. Few things in life, despite precise preparation, go exactly as planned. It’s not whether something negative will happen, but whether or not you can turn that negative into a positive (like when defensive lineman are chasing you with the game on the line).

Recall Ohio State v. Wisconsin in Columbus, Ohio in 2011?

Braxton Miller was not expected to make that kind of throw or for that to become a broken play. But it did and he had to adjust under pressure. Yes, that same Braxton Miller may miss this season because of a re-injured shoulder. It is still a “TBD” situation at this moment. However, on that same note, there are a couple backup quarterbacks who are ready and yearning for that spotlight.

And usually unforeseen greatness comes from people and situations we rarely expect.

Just ask Braxton Miller.