The Magnetism of Uncertainty

Ambiguity is a powerful, mesmerizing force. The uncertainty can seem boundless, unwilling to yield an answer or sense of finality. In the truest sense, not knowing can create a more treacherous journey than having something spelled out in front of you with clarity.

“Why don’t I know?”

“How can I find out?”

Equal in its hypnotic prowess is the art of music. When a song or an instrumental (music’s bare bones) can touch a nerve within us that yearns for discovering something in the unknown, that motivational energy is special…as well as frustrating. Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan’s next cinematic masterpiece Interstellar will not arrive into theaters until November. Fortunately, the song below (from the film’s second trailer) is available now.

Uncovering the mystery of the unknown can lead to an expedition of epic proportions. As the instrumental proves, the unknown can surround us until we finally choose to move in its direction.

We know the beginning, it’s just the ending that’s a bit unclear…


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