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Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light Go.

Today’s forecast is calling for more rain here in the Midwest. Splashing around in April Showers have transformed into enjoying random downpours courageously described as some-more showers (Summer  = some more…I tried).

The point is that rain and thunderstorms have not been uncommon this summer. Actually, it’s been quite fitting for any Midwestern city. Six days of the week are normal, but on that seventh day, whichever one it may be, Mother Nature humorously throws us a curve ball from a past or future season.

We never pack our seasonal clothes away here. We’re always prepared with a perfectly nonsensical combination of winter coat and a pair of shorts.

It actually looks pretty cool, but whatever…

While I was thinking about the rain that’s collecting in the heavens, preparing to descend on this clear summer day, my eyes were drawn to my yellow post-it notes on my desk at work. Undeniably eye-catching. There is no chance I will ever not see that bright yellow pad during the day. No chance. It’s like a sign of some sort…a very bright, obvious, conspicuous sign.

Yellow is a color that is unmistakably bold. It is by no means a color of subtlety. It represents warmth, happiness and purpose. Even fate.

It’s really surprising that more people have not embraced this color, especially when it rains.

We’ve all seen the show and know the story by now…

Am I Sick? Time for a Quick Look Outside

I work in an office. It has good lighting, air conditioning and heating. This is especially beneficial in the loathsome months of cold weather painted with dark skies, dripping with freezing rain. However, the forecasts now consistently reveal the sun shining at highs in “Pleasantville”-seventies and lows in refreshing mid-fifties. Three days into May and the month has yet again delivered upon its high expectations.

Today, the weather is warm and sunny with a shiny invitation to come outside and play. But alas, here I sit at my desk. This still doesn’t mean I haven’t read the aforementioned invitation and everything it has planned…

—Driving with the windows down with no time constraints
—Sitting outside in a comfortable chair, reading a good book while drinking and feasting like the Romans
—No time constraints
—Going for a nice long run while listening to my favorite musical adventures
—Borrowing my best friend’s dad’s Ferrari and driving it into the city
—Swimming at my local gym
—Riding roller coasters
—Singing in public

I drive a Toyota and live in Ohio, but I still think this can work…

Happy Monday!

Spring’s warmth is finally starting to arrive with forecasts projected to be in the seventies. Put away the parkas and sweaters. It’s time to break out your new strut of pure coolness on that sidewalk in your neighborhood.

When you do your thing, are you also hearing, “Stayin’ Alive”?

Is Today March 20th or April 1st?

The first day of Spring has arrived! Unfortunately, the one and only Mother Nature has apparently been watching re-runs of Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d” over the Winter season. In Columbus, Ohio, the high today is expected to be a warm 36 degrees. Fascinatingly enough, there is a discernible difference between a cold 36 degrees and a warm 36 degrees…Anyways, having endured a wintry season full of powerful snow storms and blistering winds, most people around here believe they have earned an early spring, as ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ promised.

The bitterly cold winds I felt getting into my car this morning was a frustrating and instantaneous reminder that Winter still has a few more chills left in her back pocket. For those of us who have been searching through our dressers for the shorts we stashed away months ago, the forecast has put a wet blanket on our coronation of sorts to Spring 2013.

The video below perfectly highlights this feeling, with the roundabout symbolizing Winter and Big Ben and Parliament representing Spring.

So close, yet so far.