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Finding the Elf Within Yourself

Ever feel like you don’t belong?

Do you strive to put a smile on people’s faces?

Are you from the North Pole?

If you answered yes to at least two of the questions above (doesn’t matter which), then some congratulations are in order: You are either an Elf and/or you consider yourself a buddy to family, friends and strangers alike.

And if you think about it, this is the season to be a great stranger. Yes, I’m aware of how that reads, but it’s true. Making sure to hold a door open, helping someone pick up a bag they’ve dropped or being cheerful (along with a nice tip) to the workers with those grueling holiday shifts. A little Christmas cheer never hurt, just as long as you cater it to understanding the hardships some may be going through. And just as every child deserves at least one present under the Christmas tree, every person deserves at least one genuine smile-worthy moment this time of year.

Enter another one of my favorite Christmas-themed movies: Elf. Here is a video with some of the best scenes from the film.

Buddy the Elf probably won’t fit on your shelf, but the movie Elf definitely can (and should).


With Kevin, Your Home is Never Alone

With Christmas less than a week away, that means we need get ourselves into the right head space for what this holiday represents, along with making certain that we’re respecting each others’ personal space.

What do I mean?

Christmas-themed movies are one of the great traditions of my family and likely yours. Celebrating Christmas at Church on Christmas Eve (at home or abroad) is always a wonderfully powerful experience, followed by Christmas morning brought to you by wrapping-paper-gone-wild. Growing up, we all have our favorite movies we watch at Christmas time. Rest assured, many of these will be featured in the coming days.

Speaking of which, let’s kick things off with a beloved favorite of mine (and hopefully of yours as well). Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a classic and the following is a classic scene to bring back all those fantastic nostalgic memories of Kevin McCallister pulling unforgettable pranks with help from his trusty “Talkboy.”

That scene always slaps me silly with laugh-out-loud laughter.

Coldplay on a Warm Day

Something special is lighting up the sky.

Spending Christmas eve with family is a joyous occasion, including the surprisingly warm temperatures. Typically, snow flurries would be covering the ground and car windshields by this time of the year. But alas, Mother Nature has granted us an extra dose of sun instead in the Buckeye state.

From evening Church and being reminded of the wonder of our Lord to being together for an after-service dinner and enjoying the comedy stylings of the Griswolds, this is one of those days that shines above. And even though there are classic Christmas songs from yesteryear that we should be listening to on repeat this holiday season, it’s nice to enter a new CD into the disc-changing rotation every once in a while (man, I’m old).

Coldplay’s 2010 holiday stunner, “Christmas Lights” deserves a listen to on everybody’s night shift.

And the video is classic Coldplay and, therefore, quite wonderful.

Taking a moment to gaze at colorfully inspiring lights during the Christmas season really is heavenly.

I Should Have Asked for a Quill Pen for Christmas

‘Tis the perfect day to reflect on Christmas in the spirited mindset of an Oliver Twist-era poem (inspired by Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby, of course)

“To Grandma’s house we go!” the children gleefully shouted on a morning so chilly,
and fortunately for all of them, the trek wasn’t too hilly
With the sun shining bright, everyone packed their cars with gifts wrapped altogether neatly,
they knew each person would enjoy their presents completely and clearly
The food was delicious, all warm and toasty,
that the chaotic bustling was reduced to a setting quite cozy
A wine rack here, a signed book there, memories were created with tears of joy,
then the Griswolds took over with scenes of comedic madness, oh boy!
An elaborate fort was built, no parents allowed,
this made the children so happy and ecstatically proud
Once the feast was eaten, presents opened and thanks were said all around, 
we made sure not to forget about the man with the golden birthday crown
After all, it was a day to celebrate the son of G-O-D
by gazing at the stunning ornaments on our beloved Christmas tree!

I Hope Everybody Had a Merry Christmas!!