With Kevin, Your Home is Never Alone

With Christmas less than a week away, that means we need get ourselves into the right head space for what this holiday represents, along with making certain that we’re respecting each others’ personal space.

What do I mean?

Christmas-themed movies are one of the great traditions of my family and likely yours. Celebrating Christmas at Church on Christmas Eve (at home or abroad) is always a wonderfully powerful experience, followed by Christmas morning brought to you by wrapping-paper-gone-wild. Growing up, we all have our favorite movies we watch at Christmas time. Rest assured, many of these will be featured in the coming days.

Speaking of which, let’s kick things off with a beloved favorite of mine (and hopefully of yours as well). Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a classic and the following is a classic scene to bring back all those fantastic nostalgic memories of Kevin McCallister pulling unforgettable pranks with help from his trusty “Talkboy.”

That scene always slaps me silly with laugh-out-loud laughter.


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