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Happy Monday!

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the kings of college football.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports (ESPN) employs the supremely obnoxious “analyst” Mark May, who absolutely hates Ohio State. His “genius” insight led him to declare the Buckeyes didn’t deserve to be in the college football playoff and even refused to admit OSU belonged to be in the national championship game against Oregon after they beat Alabama.

The relentless cycle of May’s classless ways and disdain for Buckeye Nation has always been known by its fans, but his “expert” analysis and refusal to accept reality wasn’t lost on head coach (and former colleague) Urban Meyer. On Friday night, while at the Ohio Union to celebrate the national championship with students (before Saturday’s 45,000 + attendance in the Horseshoe in the cold), Meyer arranged a short message for the Worldwide Loser in Sports: ESPN’s Mark May.

It’s probably a safe bet that ESPN’s Lou Holtz will send May that video too.

Happy Monday!


Pushing Musical Boundaries (Literally)

Interstellar was a cinematic journey into the unknown in every sense, from the practical sets to the original story to the daringly experimental soundtrack. Being able to witness the thought process and motivations for an epic Hollywood blockbuster is a rare treat. As Oscar buzz continues to build to a roar for next months ceremony, it’s exciting to get insights behind the closed doors regarding the magic of movie making and the composition of its epic soundtrack.

This video provides fans with that special glimpse, featuring the Oscar 2015-nominated composer Hans Zimmer and his mysteriously ambitious director-friend Christopher Nolan.

The impressive inception of Interstellar.

The Clooney Letter

Since The Goldbergs was a rerun last night, there won’t be a deliciously awesome post today about our favorite suburban Philadelphia family from the 1980s (The Matthew’s family is still King, of course). This week’s replacement will need to be comedic and original. How about exploring the practical joking genius of George Clooney?

Okay, I guess so. It’s not like he’s charming, clever or humorously conniving. From the prankster himself:

Time to buy more stamps…

Dear George,

Thanks for the ideas!


Jimmy’s Daily Planet

The State of Denial

“In Iraq and Syria, American leadership — including our military power — is stopping ISIL’s advance.”
–President Obama, 2015 State of the Union Address

Just weeks following the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, France by radical Islamists (a phrase he again refused to say), followed by terror raids made across Europe, and President Obama strangely took the view that the United States is clearly winning in foreign policy. Specifically, this was concerning the battle against overseas violence/disgruntled workplace violence/extremists who aren’t in any way motivated and inspired by a perversion of a very specific religion.

Does he fully understand our enemy?

Thomas Friedman had some insight into this subject in his recent article, “Say It Like It Is.” Instead of listing the various problem spots and scenarios around the world, it’s probably better to let America’s Middle East savant Richard Engel of NBC News react to what he heard from the president on the foreign policy front.

President Reagan didn’t just perfectly articulate the phrase, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” that became a historical moment for the world. He always led with words and actions of strength. He clearly understood the problems facing the United States. He was cognizant of the importance and relevance of American leadership at home and on the world stage to his friends and enemies.

Neither of which seems to be the reality today.

James Taylor may be a very busy man during the next couple years…