Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

My Fellow Americans

The State of the Union is tonight, which will be a constant applause-break speech by President Obama with plenty of partisan soft balls to his political allies and jabs at his political opponents. There will be fact-checking throughout (as well as following the speech, as is protocol) to determine the validity of his many statements about the past, present and future. Serving as just one example, it’s probably a safe bet the near historically low labor force participation rate number will not make its way into the section concerning the “growing economy,” quality jobs being created and the true unemployment rate.

How about introducing fiscal conservatism and equal opportunity into the lowest-income places around the country for the purpose of creating high-quality jobs through entrepreneurship and by luring prosperous businesses into communities that can economically sustain individuals and families, while recognizing the vitally important correlation between the economic success and sustained safety of a community with the academic success of its public and/or private schools, as is clearly evident in great communities nationwide?

Probably not going to happen, as fiscal liberalism has always self-appointed “genius” leaders for that (GruberGruber…). They haven’t fixed the problem so far, but this century will surely see vastly different results with the same ideas and economic philosophy…

With that being said, most Americans are expecting to be lured into a false reality regarding policy truths/results, in some way or another. It will be a political speech from a president who loves reading political digs from his trusty teleprompter and who believes everything he reads from said teleprompter is the truth: period. In other words, President Obama is “the Ron Burgundy” president. If he reads it, it must be true.

“America: I’m a job-creating, debt and deficit-reducing, healthcare fixing, massive freedom of speech moment realizing, foreign policy expert.” 

It will be an interesting speech, partly because it will be in front of the newly Republican-controlled Congress and also partly because his proposals will be heavily unrealistic ideas. President Obama will likely make political points close to his heart, regardless of its plausibility or if it’s all at geared toward the genuine need/benefit of the country as a whole. It’s sad to say, but it’s the truth. On the same note, Republicans need to be cautious and measured in their response(s). Specifically, with substantive rebuttals and positive solutions of their own.

This will be more of a legacy/power-up to liberal politicians considering 2016 than any serious suggestions for fixing the broken economic foundation of the United States (ie -transformational tax reform, entitlement reforms, meaningful and necessary spending cuts).

It’s been six years and the economy still isn’t running with vigor or purposeful direction. Most six-year-olds are racing around with excitement and unbridled creativity, growing with a clearer vision each day.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans feel like we’re still crawling out of The Great Recession six years later…