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Bond’s Summit

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

(AP: Daniel Craig (007) and  Léa Seydoux (Bond Girl)

[AP: Daniel Craig (007) and Léa Seydoux (Bond Girl)]

How about a thousand jumps for joy? (A safe distance from the edge, of course).

007 standing tall atop the Austrian alps with his gorgeous girl by his side reveals a nostalgic return to classic Bond locales, luxury and action. While the details are still obviously unknown for Bond’s 24th movie, the anticipated excitement continues to grow with each new released detail and photograph (cast, locations, car, style). Skyfall undoubtedly generated tremendous buzz and pressure, specifically because it was the famed Broccoli spy franchise literally rising back from the debt dead. The Sam Mendes-directed Skyfall impressed audiences worldwide. And Mendes’ return to his chair with his name on it for Spectre has taken Bond-hype to a new high. Many suspect he will add the necessary 21st century advancements (cars, gadgets, etc.) and storytelling methods/modern twists and turns, while incorporating vintage, fan-favorite Bond humor and wit.

Jimmy’s Daily Planet expects Spectre to be on the same cinematic level as the phenomenal Casino Royale from 2006 starring Daniel Craig seen above, except better!

The sky is the limit for Spectre…literally and figuratively.