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The Goldbergs Have “The Right Stuff”

Spoiler Alert: The following content is featured in the January 7, 2015 episode of The Goldbergs

At some point or another, we all feel like ‘the new kid on the block.’ Whether we’re a Jonathan, Jordan, Joey, Donnie or Danny (I consider myself a Joey), the world can seem unfair and too big to cope in. That’s where sweet tunes and rad dance moves come into play.

Plus, we can’t forget the cut-off jean jacket and cool black hat.

As the youngest boy in the family, having two older sisters was awesome, stressful, rewarding and chaotic growing up. In fact, it still is awesome-stressful-rewarding-chaotic with the same continuous stream of zings and playful jokes. Truthfully, this sibling dynamic is not all that different than Adam and Barry’s relationship with their older sister Erica. Pranks were plentiful and we always tried try to top each other. All in good fun, of course, we are relentless to get that perfect jest. In the case of the Goldberg household, a cardboard avalanche revealed a secret from Erica’s past that would publicly humiliate her…and strangely possess Adam and Barry.

While a long-lost VHS tape sparked a gathering of Adam and Barry’s friends for a personal showing of Erica’s eternal love for the boy band New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), Murray was shoulders deep in a battle with wife Beverly over the priceless/overvalued (depending on who you ask) works of art drawn and glued together by their children…as in literally every single thing ever made by their three delicious children packed in boxes stacked throughout their garage. It got to the point where parking their one car was no longer an easy guarantee.

We all know Einstein glued jelly beans to a colored piece of paper…

After saving a trunk’s worth of his children’s art for Beverly, accidentally giving it to the trash man, rummaging through a mountain of trash and recovering and framing a random Spanish family’s drawings to pass as original Goldberg masterpieces, Murray finally discovered the truth, thanks to the wisest of them all: Pops. Yes, Beverly had paid the trash people to deliver all of the boxes to a storage unit. After this revelation was disclosed, an argument ensued. Surprisingly, a glaring spelling error melted Murray’s heart to a puddle of babby love. Now understanding (and seeing) Beverly’s point about the art, he succumbed to her outrageous behavior once again and re-stacked their garage from wall-wall and floor-ceiling because he finally saw that priceless writing on the wall/painted paper.

We’ll see how long this moment lasts once spring arrives (March 20th, March 20th!) and that annual cleaning fever hits.

Back to those new kids on the block and speaking of a specific type of fever…

In a golden Goldbergs sequence of events, Adam and Barry (after making fun of Erica’s obsession with NKOTB) hilariously embraced and embodied that famous boy band from the 1980s. They dressed like them, danced like them, sang like them (well, the right lyrics anyways) and thankfully filmed and choreographed a homemade tribute video. It was, quite honestly, the right stuff! Accordingly, Erica found their hidden video and proceeded to make fun of them with a private showing of her own with a VHS video premiere. Payback was served: ’80s style. The table had been tilt back in her favor. But it was only then, with a heart-to-heart exchange of describing their love for that boy band they shouldn’t love, when Erica realized her true place amongst her siblings.

Growing up with two older sisters, it was sometimes difficult to relate to them beyond our perfectly-timed jokes at home and on vacation. However, just as Erica did last night, I had a sister who loved a boy band. It was/is Backstreet Boys. Specifically, Nick Carter. Once when we were in New York, we visited the NBA store and Nick and his brother Aaron were shooting hoops. True story: after getting his autograph, my sister stole his used Powerade bottle. She still has it to this day. So, I understand what that love for a boy band looks like…and possibly even sounds like.

(FYI – Anyone who says that, “I Want it That Way” isn’t a great song is lying!)

Anyways, my sister brought herself to go to a concert (or two) with her goofy younger brother because she knew how important it was to him, all joking aside. Back then, it was The All-American Rejects and Hoobastank in Indianapolis. She even went backstage with me to meet the latter group. They were better known then as Doug, Dan, Chris and Markku. I’m definitely a Doug.

It’s amazing how a show based in 1980-something can so perfectly kick-off the new year in 2015. The Goldbergs: Beverly, Murray, Erica, Barry and Adam.

Which one are you?