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Next Title Up


For so many in Buckeye Nation, we’ve always felt like the permanent underdogs, as well as singled out for excessive criticism by the national media. However, we’ve always risen above it and have always gotten stronger no matter the obstacles. That’s what we do and will continue to do. And now, we even have a new mantra beyond the traditional Buckeye chants:

“Ohio Against The World.” 

It feels right (especially in the t-shirt I’m wearing with those letters on it).

In addition, Nike gets it.



2002 was an unforgettably amazing year and equally amazing national championship. I remember being on a family vacation in London at the time and my parents coaxing an employee of a bar that was showing the game between The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Miami Hurricanes to let us in from the cold to see it (FYI – we were literally watching the game from the outside window).


How about an IO for relentless dedication?

The reason why this was a problem was because yours truly was underage by a few years…But once they understood the importance of the “other” football, they seated my family in front of the big screen inside. They put us there partly to be accommodating (though there were some obnoxious Miami fans behind us) and partly to keep an eye on me and my beverage being held in my right hand.

All I’ll say is that Coca-Cola really hit the spot.

The Buckeyes shocked the world that night and won the national championship in double overtime against the Goliath of college football. It was an instant classic for its sensational back-and-forth nature, intense drama and moments that nearly resulted in a heart attack. But they did it and Ohio State were the kings of college football.

Fast forward to the 2014 season and the 2015 championship game between Ohio State and Oregon in Arlington, Texas at the coliseum-like AT&T Stadium. This was a battle of speed, flash and something shiny and new versus strength, speed and tradition. In thrilling fashion, the Buckeyes won with relentless determination and skill. Cardale Jones was incredible (despite a couple understandable bobbles). The receivers made athletic catches and speedy getaways, the offensive line was dominant, the secondary players contained their marks, the linebackers were flying, the special teams did their job and the defensive line made life uncomfortable enough for Mariota and Co. for the Buckeyes to stall a late game comeback.

Oh, and this running back named Ezekiel Elliott ran through the parted Scarlet Sea with dynamism, toughness and a 4th-gear drive for a bowl record 246 yards. He was hungry and he proved to be the ideal complement to Jones in the backfield against the aggressive, speedy Ducks defense.

Once again, in true Buckeye fashion, Ohio State shocked the college football world with a dominant 42-20 win against Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota and the Mighty Ducks of Oregon in the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship…as the fourth seed.

While a breakdown of the key stats could be highlighted, it seems a little more fitting to shine a light on what this season and championship game means in the micro, as well as the macro:

  • Ohio State is now 9-0 against Oregon, including the last two wins against the high-flying Ducks squad everyone knows today (played in California and Texas)
  • The Big Ten representative won the National Championship for the first time since the 2002 season, signifying a conference comeback. Also, the bowl season became a national statement thanks to key wins against tough opponents (and remember that Jim Harbaugh was recently hired by That State Up North and Penn State is coming back)
  • Therefore, the myth of “Big Ten Inferiority” is (finally) coming to an end and a bright future awaits the conference
  • The Buckeyes beat the #1 team in the country in the SEC (the best conference for the past several years) in Alabama in the heart of SEC country
  • Urban Meyer and his coaching staff are motivating and strategic gurus
  • The talent level in Columbus is stellar and the top recruits will continue to make Ohio State their collegiate home for the foreseeable future
  • “Ohio State’s victory in the first championship game of the College Football Playoff produced ESPN’s highest overnight rating ever” (AP)
  • The Buckeyes have risen from the abyss from a few years ago and are officially entering an era of golden success under Ohio-native Urban Meyer
  • Plus, there is serious strength and serious speed in the Midwest, the Big Ten and, specifically, in Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio State Buckeyes are THE National Champions for the 8th time in school history!

Right now, Ohio St8 is number 1 in college football.