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Hopefully, He’s The Hero We’ve Been Waiting For…

In less than two months, the world will discover whether or not Kal-El/Clark Kent will, naming wise, transition to “Superman.” The now premiered third “Man of Steel” trailer from Warner Bros. indicates the super-human who is “faster than a speeding bullet” may not be known to the people of Earth by his traditional moniker. Why is this important? This quandary begs the question of what his superhero name will be, which carries substantial significance about the newest adaptation of this admired character in popular culture.

Immediately following a daring rescue, what will Lois Lane call the escaped Kryptonian?

Reflecting on the pre-release campaign of 2012s “The Dark Knight Rises”, the multiple previews seems to be the work of producer Christopher Nolan. With this model, we should expect at least one more teaser before the June 14th release.

Admittedly a fan of much more secrecy in trailers, the few that have been debuted to the public so far have, surprisingly, not exposed all that much that would constitute giving any vital plot twists away. Many of the sequences are now familiar and have been repeated in the aforementioned previews. The marketing team continues to plant into the minds of the anxious fans precisely what they want them to know and wonder about when walking into their local cinema this June.

The stage is nearly set.

With just under sixty days until the world again lives under the protection of the man we all know to be super, his arrival in 2013 will be welcome in more ways than one.

The trailer featured below ends with Kal-El/Clark Kent/? (Henry Cavill) casually speaking¬† in an interrogation room with Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams). The chemistry in this encounter is reminiscent of the romantically charged cat-and-mouse relationship between Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder from Richard Donner’s 1978 classic, “Superman.” A very good sign.

What does the “S” stand for? Click to find out…

One thing’s for certain: It’s hard to imagine any other solitary letter that means more to so many.