Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

This is Why Men Should Plant Daffodils

“Hope springs eternal…”
—Alexander Pope

“April Showers” dominate the four-day and extended seven-day forecasts. The glimmers of sunlight are brief and treasured. After those precious moments are predictably overwhelmed by gray clouds from the gods of overcast, the remaining hours are spent planning for a rain-soaked afternoon. Joyful activities are limited, which conjures up thoughts on the necessity of this seasonal downpour.


Brainstorming beyond the obvious ecological benefits, this specific month does play a central role in our seasons. Oddly enough, this thirty day stretch of continuous waterworks is beginning to grow on me with a petite quantité de charme (A “Frasier” rerun may have been on last night…).

Living in a city that vividly experiences the four seasons, Spring’s arrival thus far has been drenched. It happens every year. No surprise. But, at least there have been days, literally one here and another there, of warmth and sunshine reminiscent of the subsequent month. And yet, this forthcoming month of inspiring weather remains hidden, as if beneath the soil.

Or so I thought.

Singing in the rain is a wonderfully fun thing to do, especially when swinging around a beautifully decorated lamp post and landing in a giant puddle after a jubilant twirl. Even more though, warmer weather with clear skies brings everybody out from under the blankets and away from the televisions to experience the outdoor scene again on city streets and in suburban parks.

Sans the experience of singing in the rain, fun and liveliness fill the air with “Pleasantville”-like temperatures once Spring is in full swing. The spirit of the communities and its people skyrocket with many things, including imagination…even an imagination that lives beyond the perceived realms of reality.

Last Fall, my Dad and I planted hundreds of Daffodils in my parent’s backyard, including the gully. After months of quiet growth, they bloomed from the ground seemingly overnight to premiere a magnificent glow.

The row of golden splendor has provided reassurance that Spring in its traditional sense, however wet now, is just around the corner. It took a lot of digging, placing and covering, but the silver lining has shone through April’s heavy rain. The very sight of these fluorescent flowers would bring an optimistic smile to anyone’s face.

There are days filled with stormy forecasts that make you feel exhausted, worn down and stuck in the same holding pattern. And then, one random morning, you see this golden array of Daffodils.

Sometimes it takes several months, other times it can happen overnight…literally.

Here’s to a Spring filled with amour!