Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!!

Thirty-six years ago today, my parents, Robert and Deborah, stood at the altar in St. Monica’s Parish in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin and declared their everlasting love to themselves, to their guests, as well as to the world.

Equipped with three children of their own, who are grown, they now play the part of grandparents to a strapping young lad in Garrett and a sweet darling in Ella. Having already survived three rounds (if you meet us, their kids, you’ll understand), they have been surprisingly anxious for rounds 4, 5 and beyond.

All we can say is, “God Bless Them!”

Plus a few other things…

They have loved us forever and have learned to survive,
especially when each of us started to drive
They have taken us to places all around this great world, including a few bars,
and maybe, someday, we’ll go to outer space with its infinite stars
From tests to plays to sporting events,
they helped with them all, which taught us what it means to be a Lentz
Through it all the past 36 years, they’ve been the best,
they are the best couple, that we’ll all firmly attest!

Now, it’s time to get down with your bad selves!!!