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These Tots Are Dynamite

Burger King, unlike the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs in the 2016 World Series, fully understands the power of nostalgia and popular cult movies.

Cleveland and Chicago: This is how you do it.

While I’m not a regular Burger King customer, this commercial featuring actors/characters from a favorite movie of mine and many, many others (Jon Heder as Napoleon and Efrain Ramírez as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite) may be just enough for me to try the advertised Cheesy Tots. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is sometimes all it takes for advertisers or marketers to sell a product beyond a predetermined customer base. No extensive research, but instead an understanding of the magnetism of cinema, comedy and pop culture nostalgia and its special place in our hearts.

This commercial has nostalgia skills…product placement skills…cult-celebrity placement skills. Customers only want food chains that have great skills.

P.S. Here is a clip from Napoleon Dynamite that inspired the crazy awesome Burger King commercial above.  

Happy Monday!

What’s a march without a little laughter?

Penguins are not the biggest, most feared or most dominating animal on the planet, but they are uniquely majestic and adorable. Ever since elementary school, when I did a class project on the flightless birds, I was hooked. There is a special magnetism to this creature, shared by few other animals. Part of this attraction could be that a penguin is the style equivalent of Jay Gatsby in the animal kingdom.

“Impeccable tux, Old Sport.”

Starting the workweek is not the easiest task for anybody, but a cute penguin just might be what the doctor ordered.

(FYI – There’s no limit to the number of times you can watch the following video)

Penguins FTW (For The Win).

Have an Awesome Week!

Happy Monday!

Just another Jimmy’s Daily Planet electronic letter.

Seizing the opportunity for a viral video moment, Marvel creatively filled in the narrative gap for where the mighty and powerful Thor was during the 2016 movie Captain America: Civil War. The general tone of the Marvel cinematic superhero universe is bright, explosive fun with comic book dialogue. And this lighthearted aura opens the door for marketing strategies that play on that entertaining dynamic.

Exhibit A:

By the hammer of Thor, that’s awesome.

Have a Mighty Week!

Happy Monday!

Who needs a parachute?

Skydiving extraordinaire Luke Aikins attempted the unthinkable this past Saturday night: A free-fall from 25,000 feet without (I repeat) without a parachute.

Yes, Luke Aikins is completely insane.

Simi Valley, California was the scene for this extreme stunt over the weekend and the catch (literally) was that the 42-year-old Luke Aikins had to calculate to land in an elevated net on the ground with a nervously excited crowd on-site. While the net appeared large and wide from the perspective of the spectators, the net probably looked like, from a certain height, the head of a pin for Luke Aikins.

Absolutely terrifying.

And yet, I can’t look away…

Forget golf: That’s a hole-in-one.

Have an Insanely Awesome Week!