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Happy Monday

Spring is known as the season of rebirth. Monday, therefore, could be defined as the day of the week for rebirth.

In other words, Mondays seem like a perfect occurrence to hit an internal reset button from the now past week and weekend. To put a finer tip on it, each Monday provides us the unique opportunity to be something we weren’t during the prior days that we wish we were…that we wish we could be.

However, before we make any drastic changes to our lives, it’s important to rediscover our origin story, of sorts. What is our true character? Purpose? Drive? This way, we may better understand the place(s) we really want to go, literally and metaphorically.

Here’s an origin story for the ages that should inspire grand adventures as large as a house perfectly located on the banks of West Egg.

The source of J. Gatsby’s money aside (we all know that side of the story), the relentless ambition of one of the most famous literary characters is undeniable.

And admirable.

Perhaps, admirable extraordinary…?

(Bonus points for those who remember that 2013 cinematic reference)

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.

Happy Monday!

For a while, there appeared to be no gravitational pull against Best Director Alfonso Cuarón’s space masterpiece as the film soared with Oscar after Oscar after Oscar (7 in total), except for the two it should have collected at the end of the night (especially for Best Picture).

Still, Gravity made a bold statement in 2013 and early into 2014. And we cannot neglect the other triumphant winners in Frozen (including Best Original Song), Dallas Buyers Club (Jared Leto & Matthew McConaughey), The Great Gatsby (3 golden statues) and 12 Years a Slave (Best Actress: Lupita Nyong’o & Best Picture).

The 86th Academy Awards was a night full of speeches, tributes and celebration (and pizza!). If only there was a single picture that captured the spirit of the entire evening…



I am proud to say I was among the millions of people who retweeted this photo that set the record as the most retweeted picture in history (it even broke Twitter for a little while: true story).

And, let it be known that the words Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day were spoken on the Oscars stage last night.

Thank you Bill Murray (and of course Harold Ramis).

Let your imagination run wild today, this week and far off into the future!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

With today being Labor Day, it is vitally important that we all celebrate this national holiday by relaxing. Or, go out and find a nice, little party with a few people…

Here’s some inspiration to start the day off right. And remember, “a little party never killed nobody!”

Happy Labor Day!

“To see, or not to see, that is the question”

The upcoming movie lineup for Spring and Summer of 2013 is composed of reboots of classics, as well as originals, that have already received a boost from some prehistoric DNA. Ponder this: Approximately $20 million was earned in the first weekend of an adapted Spielberg-favorite from twenty years ago! On April 5th, fans experienced face-to-face encounters with dinosaurs like they never have before when they sported 3-D glasses in their local theaters. The success of “Jurassic Park” in 3-D can be perceived as an omen of sorts for what’s to come in the next few months.

In short, people still love going to the cinema and enjoying the magic of movies.

In its most recent issue, Entertainment Weekly published a section titled, “All the Buzz on 109 New Films” for the remaining Spring and forthcoming Summer months. After reading through the extensive list, I compiled a rundown within a condensed three-tier system. It’s in chronological order according to the release dates. The number of movies in each category will vary, as it’s based on quality and not quantity.

The phrase, “what goes around, comes around” definitely applies to a few of the films that have been rejuvenated.

With all of us cognizant of the increasingly high movie theater ticket prices (Dinosaurs Aren’t the Only Things Jumping at You in 3-D), it’s time to start saving now for a few of these highly anticipated movies!

The Great Gatsby (May 10th)
Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17th)
Man of Steel (June 14th)
The Lone Ranger (July 3rd)


“If You’d Like a Fun Night Out!”
Iron Man 3 (May 3rd)
The Hangover Part III (May 24th)
The Internship (June 7th)
Monsters University (June 21st)
The Heat (June 28th)
The Smurfs 2 (July 31st)


“Looks Cool, But I Might Wait Until It Reaches the Dollar Theater”
The Way, Way Back (July 5th)
Grown Ups 2 (July 12th)
Girl Most Likely (July 19th)

Here is the movie that kicked Spring off with a roar!