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Happy Monday!

As the workweek revs its engine yet again with that soothing, comforting alarm sound, it’s important to find some form of levity to break some of this tension. As we search our desk of scattered papers and emails on our computers for those tasks due today and later this week, things can begin to feel overwhelming. Monday mornings are inherently stressful for that pursuit alone.

Thankfully, this blog tries to make Mondays just a little easier, more enjoyable and/or inspiring. The latter doesn’t so much apply today, but hopefully, the following clip will fall into the enjoyable category.

It appears The Hangover was a theatrical smash hit for audiences, as well as the cast, crew, and director.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.  


“…it’s Sin City.”

“I told myself I would never come back”
–Dr. Stu Price

This Memorial Day will be the Epic conclusion to the story of the men who have twice before experienced the most awesomely insane-tooth aching-tattoo on the face-getting decked by Mike Tyson-shot in Thailand (pronounced “thigh-land”)-misplace a best friend and brother-in law on two different continents-putting sunglasses on a baby-Jonas Brothers concert going?-jumping over waterways with Mr. Chow-tiger wrangling-blackjack winning-getting married to a stripper-getting tasered by a Las Vegas police officer-crashing a boat on a beach to get to a wedding hangovers.

Turns out there was an open bar during intermission right before the curtains were set to rise for the third and final act. The Wolfpack is back!

The official teaser trailer for “The Hangover: Part III”