For Now, This ‘JOKER’ Is Just a Teaser

“…smile and put on a happy face.”

With these words, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics, and ‘Hangover’ director Todd Phillips present the first teaser trailer for the much-anticipated film ‘JOKER.’ Starring the enigmatic Joaquin Phoenix–on and off-screen–DC Comics is attempting to replace one of two major characters within Gotham City for its current DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) in the Joker. Batman is next after Ben Affleck recently left the part.

For now, take a brand new look at ‘Joker.’

Unnerving, mysterious, weirdly entertaining and oddly intriguing. That sums up the Joker in Gotham City, whether on screen or in print.

While no actor will ever surpass Heath Ledger’s perfect performance as the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ directed by Christopher Nolan, Mr. Phoenix and Mr. Phillips have produced a snapshot of a captivating movie. It’s a patient and deliberate character piece that will unfold into dark fun within a gritty Gotham City in 1981.

They say comedy is tragedy plus time. That will be put to the test this fall as ‘JOKER’ arrives at a theater near you on October 4.


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