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The Sweet Sound of Eureka

Randomness is a wonderful thing.

Occasionally, the gift of randomly stumbling onto something completely out of the blue can pay enormous dividends. Perhaps “stumbling” isn’t the best word…”slashing” sounds better.

Today is one of those days.

Slash (birth name is Saul Hudson) is a living legend and icon, famous for his trademark curly black hair, black top hat and black aviator shades.

Oh, and he riffs on the guitar from time-to-time.

Slash’s talent is visionary and his wisdom is equally enlightening. Watching a documentary (Slash: Raised on the Sunset Strip) about his life growing up on the Strip is a must-see for anybody even mildly interested in the rock scene in LA. Some of music’s biggest names during the past 30 years explained their experiences and personal connections with this crazy good musician dedicated to his craft.

His musical portfolio, and persona, will survive the test of time. Slash is among a special collection of rock stars that will inspire future musicians to pick up an instrument in a music shop as opposed to a laptop (or enter a nationally televised singing competition) to make music that connects with people on a deeply personal level.

On that note

Randomness: The gift that keeps on giving.

This is a Little Random…

Is it random to celebrate a day of randomness when it’s on the calendar?

Either way, any day filled with randomness is a great day.

February 17, 2016 is, in fact, “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” The greatest part about this occasion is that the simplest of gestures can make all the difference for someone. We all have those days and it’s incredible what a spontaneous spark of goodness can do for us. That flicker is just what we need, like happily looking at a birthday candle being lit.

How about we do something randomly nice every day of the year?

It would actually be pretty random since nobody would see it coming.

The Force is Surprising with This One

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but a new Star Wars movie arrives in theaters this Friday. And if the movie promotions in virtually every segment imaginable (toys, food, cars, jewelry, etc.) are any indication, a few people may end up seeing the seventh episode of this space epic.

To celebrate the triumphant return of the Star Wars cinematic universe, the next few blog posts will focus on the highly-anticipated J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

On a completely random note, what would you do if you were tossed a lightsaber?

Our faith in humanity (courtesy of UCLA) looks a little brighter after watching this video.

Always remember to wake up with the force because, well, you never know…

Connecting the Beginning, Middle and End

Every second (and view) counts.

Modern protocol dictates constant awareness, attention and curiosity. The film industry has not only become proficient at this practice, but fluent in this fluid art of social connectivity. The relentless pursuit of courting movie fans and their interest in a particular film is astonishing. Think about all the teaser trailers we see for the most-hyped movies of the year, months and even potentially years in advance (ie – a rumored Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser this November or December). This phenomenon brings to mind the immersive power of movies and storytelling in general. Books, like the Harry Potter series, were literally a craze with people anxiously awaiting the next adventure from all around the world. And yes, music also fits into this marvel in popular culture. Most importantly is the fact that people are eternally drawn to inspiring tales. This is a fantastic truth.

People love stories.  People love stories that are original, engaging, exciting, inventive and that, most importantly, crafted with a purpose. With the creation of 24-hour news and television came non-stop opinions and comments on anything and everything, from seemingly anybody and everybody. But perhaps the media and our leaders could/should take an invaluable lesson from Hollywood and understand the we yearn for movies, books and music with ideas and messages that stretch our imaginations, relate to our inner most beliefs and that push our limits of what we believe is possible.

Apple is a shining example of this in the corporate world, as evidenced by the millions of people who now hold their iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus in their hands after months of teasing and anticipation. And occasionally, a phone call is even made on these devices. Ultimately, the most successful men and women for the foreseeable future will capitalize on this reality and use this awareness to positively change the world, however large or small, by mastering this connective and trustworthy dynamic.

Just need that grand, inventive story to tell.

At least we know that, if it’s good, people will listen…