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Seals & Their Cold Splashes

Time to hit the showers cold shower.

Jimmy’s Daily Planet strives to be on the cutting-edge of a variety of topics and issues. For today’s edition, this involves an interesting tidbit that will likely not receive a standing ovation. However, keep in mind this advice is coming from a Navy SEAL. And it was an elite branch of Navy SEALs who took down Osama Bin Laden, so there may be something truly real (and incredibly badass) about this showering curveball.

If somebody would like to experiment with this frigid Act III in their showering routine, please do so and report back in the comments section below.

I’ll take your word (and Navy SEAL Clint Emerson’s word) on it.

United’s PR Has Been Grounded (Sorry, “Re-Accommodated”)


That word should be discussed in every communications class in every college this week. Everybody has seen the shocking video of a passenger, who bought a ticket like you and I would for a flight, aggressively and violently removed from his seat on a United Airlines flight while preparing to take off from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to make room for a United Airlines employee. However, what was almost equally as disturbing as the incident was the response from United Airlines. Among the many curious phrases used, the one that elevated above the rest was “re-accommodate.”

That tone-deaf sentiment, rightly so, sent people’s reactions to this situation to levels of anger they didn’t imagine was even possible.


Once again, a leader of a major institution proves to be detached from reality. Many have said that major institutions are failing. False. People leading major institutions are failing. Institutions have always existed and will always exist in some form or another. Institutions are constants. People are the variables. And United Airlines CEO Oscar Muñoz (and his PR team) are the latest examples of this modern societal problem. What’s more is that people in high positions of authority don’t seem to realize that while their power may remain above ours, the checks and balances on them, through social media and major influencers on TV, is flatter than its ever been.

The outrage from the United Airlines disgraceful act of aggression is actually an extension of the populist rage engulfing the world. No, this populist anger is not directly tied to anything Donald Trump or Nigel Farage. Instead, this populist anger rises above to something very non-partisan. People in all ideological corners are beyond exhausted with leaders in high authority not listening to them, being tone-deaf and, quite frankly, reacting with no elementary sense of right and wrong.

The crisis management by United Airlines perfectly illustrated how everyone (yes, everyone) is fed up with this lack of responsibility nonsense.

Look at that, United Airlines united us after all.

You tell me who won the PR battle here: United Airlines or Jimmy Kimmel/America?

Clinton’s Calculated Chicanery

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

That was an appallingly disgraceful dodge of a question made by a top American official under congressional testimony. The inquiry was an attempt at finding some degree of the truth regarding the horrific events that occurred at the American diplomatic compound on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. Still shocking years later, this response came from the secretary of state in what appeared to be a reprehensibly rehearsed comeback to deflect any culpability for not fulfilling her duties by not responding to multiple requests for increased security for those now deceased Americans who were stationed in a Middle East post, including Ambassador Stevens.

The people who murdered those Americans have not been brought to justice, unless you count a random guy who made a YouTube video that had nothing to do with the attacks. And Hillary Clinton has yet to take responsibility for failing to provide increased security that was directly requested for in that dangerous location. That was part of her job description and she failed miserably. It can be argued that it was a fatal mistake. Perhaps she was too busy buying a stupid red button from the dollar store that symbolized her delusional vision and inadequate judgement for world diplomacy.

Mr. Putin has clearly taken it seriously as a pivot in his actions.

As the story regarding a clear violation and security risks (and political donations?) linked to her exclusive private email use as secretary of state continue to unfold, Mrs. Clinton certainly had time to email during her 4-year tenure as the leader of American foreign affairs. Why wasn’t an ambassador a top priority emailing partner for her? Will she be held fully accountable by the national media for the recent revelations surrounding donations made by Middle Eastern countries to the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state? Will Hillary Clinton accept responsibility for her decisions?

Sadly, the answer is no.

Why? Mostly because of 2016.

First it was 2008 and now it’s 2016. Hillary Clinton and Co. will literally do and say anything to get elected. Any legitimate barrier in their way will be mercilessly bulldozed, regardless if it has validity or reasons for further scrutiny and transparency. In the macro, anyone willing to do and say anything to be president shouldn’t be president. When the rules don’t apply to you and when seemingly every decision you make is wrong (see her time as secretary of state), appears political and is shockingly disingenuous, that’s when it becomes crystal clear that any pursuit at top public leadership positions have little to do with the people you would be serving, but selfishly only with yourself.

It’s the difference between integrity and duplicity.

Hillary Clinton recently said to a crowd, “Don’t you want to see a woman president?”

Yes, but not you.

The Two Words Politicians Don’t Say

What is the matter with Chris Christie?

He’s not following the current script for public leaders who did something wrong or for those who are connected to someone who did something wrong and it’s making him look quite strange.

He said, “I’m sorry.”

There has been a lot of discussion and debate surrounding “Bridgegate” and whether or not Governor Christie knew of this situation before or while it was occurring and whether or not he has handled the situation correctly. While the final verdict is still out, it does appear (at this point) that the New Jersey governor is telling the truth.

Mistakes were made. He owned up to them. He apologized. He fired his senior staffer who was personally responsible. He wants to work hard to earn back the varying degrees of respect and trust he likely lost with some New Jersey and New York residents, specifically commuters who frequent the George Washington Bridge from the Fort Lee area.

There are many words used to describe Governor Chris Christie, but there is one that nobody has yet mentioned.

That word is anomaly.

In an era when public figures in politics, sports and entertainment are driven solely by winning, profits and personal gains without regard for self-reflection, awareness and/or remorse for bad actions, it’s genuinely refreshing to hear and see a public leader step forward and accept responsibility when a scandal or uncomfortable situation arises. Even when he is not personally culpable, but it involves someone very close to him.

Governor Christie’s press conference was unusual in this sense…sadly.

For where the story stands right now, the governor did the right thing yesterday. It was painful and embarrassing, but it’s what needed to be done for himself and the public. He was transparent and responsible. To summarize one of his statements: If something good or bad happens in New Jersey, it’s on him. Period. He’s in charge.

What difference did his acceptance of a major mistake within his administration and apology for that mistake make?

The American people will let us know.