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Seals & Their Cold Splashes

Time to hit the showers cold shower.

Jimmy’s Daily Planet strives to be on the cutting-edge of a variety of topics and issues. For today’s edition, this involves an interesting tidbit that will likely not receive a standing ovation. However, keep in mind this advice is coming from a Navy SEAL. And it was an elite branch of Navy SEALs who took down Osama Bin Laden, so there may be something truly real (and incredibly badass) about this showering curveball.

If somebody would like to experiment with this frigid Act III in their showering routine, please do so and report back in the comments section below.

I’ll take your word (and┬áNavy SEAL Clint Emerson’s word) on it.

Rolling into a Dream

You toss and turn, roll over and flip pillows, but to no avail. In extreme cases, comforters need to be surrendered completely in the battle in order to win the larger war of getting a few precious uninterrupted moments of sleep.

At some point in our lives, we have had to share a bed. This could entail a family vacation with the ironclad pillow border, a head-to-feet deal like Charlie’s close knit family in, “Willy Wonka,” the “get off me you little fungus” gem from, “Christmas Vacation” or a newly married couple. Sleeping in the same bed can, at times, be an adventure mixed with karate and log rolling (just wait and see…).

Sleeping sounds easy enough, but it can require Navy Seal-like training with cat-like reflexes. One of the predominant elements to a good night’s rest is peace of mind. When you slip under the covers, are you prepared for anything and everything?

And as we all know, we never want to wake the other person up, so we must tread softly and with laser-like precision.