The Two Words Politicians Don’t Say

What is the matter with Chris Christie?

He’s not following the current script for public leaders who did something wrong or for those who are connected to someone who did something wrong and it’s making him look quite strange.

He said, “I’m sorry.”

There has been a lot of discussion and debate surrounding “Bridgegate” and whether or not Governor Christie knew of this situation before or while it was occurring and whether or not he has handled the situation correctly. While the final verdict is still out, it does appear (at this point) that the New Jersey governor is telling the truth.

Mistakes were made. He owned up to them. He apologized. He fired his senior staffer who was personally responsible. He wants to work hard to earn back the varying degrees of respect and trust he likely lost with some New Jersey and New York residents, specifically commuters who frequent the George Washington Bridge from the Fort Lee area.

There are many words used to describe Governor Chris Christie, but there is one that nobody has yet mentioned.

That word is anomaly.

In an era when public figures in politics, sports and entertainment are driven solely by winning, profits and personal gains without regard for self-reflection, awareness and/or remorse for bad actions, it’s genuinely refreshing to hear and see a public leader step forward and accept responsibility when a scandal or uncomfortable situation arises. Even when he is not personally culpable, but it involves someone very close to him.

Governor Christie’s press conference was unusual in this sense…sadly.

For where the story stands right now, the governor did the right thing yesterday. It was painful and embarrassing, but it’s what needed to be done for himself and the public. He was transparent and responsible. To summarize one of his statements: If something good or bad happens in New Jersey, it’s on him. Period. He’s in charge.

What difference did his acceptance of a major mistake within his administration and apology for that mistake make?

The American people will let us know.


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  1. Herbert D Hentzen III

    Jimmy, as usual, you’re spot on! Keep up the great commentary.

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