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He Lost the Battle & Saw the Wars

Kelsey Grammer is the quintessential sitcom actor. But the crazy thing is that Kelsey Grammer was not that far off from not being a beloved TV star, as revealed in a recent chat with Conan O’Brien.


Speaking as a Kelsey Grammer fan, I’m not quite sure if the role of the smuggling badass named Han Solo would have been right for the actor best known as Frasier Crane. On the other hand, Mr. Grammer is a brilliant actor with a wide-range of talent (ie – Boss on Starz several years back).

I’ll need a few more (par)secs to decide.

Four Score and Seven Outbursts Ago…

Is there a better way to go into the weekend than on a high note? And what specific note is that, you may be asking?

That high note can be summed up into a short comedic equation:

Simon Helberg + Nicolas Cage + “Lincoln” audition = Daniel Day-Lewis’ obvious understudy

“I’m one of the greatest freaking presidents…of all-time!! Ahhh!”