Happy Monday

Something wonderful happened over the weekend, specifically this past Saturday.

If you are unfamiliar with the name Gal Gadot, don’t worry, because you will be well acquainted with her name and her otherworldly skills soon enough (in a matter of paragraphs). If you are familiar with the female heroine Wonder Woman, then this blog post will be a terrific way to start your week.

For the first time ever, Wonder Woman will be given the silver screen treatment on June 2nd of this year. About time, right? Thus far, director Patty Jenkins (a wonder woman herself), Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics have released a couple brilliant posters and a teaser trailer for this landmark film for the legendary female superhero. But this past Saturday, Wonder Woman fans were thrilled when the “origin” trailer was released online and through social media.

In a single word: Yes.

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is a name people (most especially countless girls and women) won’t forget.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.  


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