Yes, You Can(‘t)

What does it mean to be a creator in the year 2017?

One of the metrics for defining a particular generation is by identifying its creators and innovators. The individuals who dare to see the world in a vastly different light than his or her peers are the ones who set the stage for how people to see the world in the future. The reason why my childhood was different than my parents is due to people who innovated something that was currently in existence or to people who created something brand new out of thin air, so to speak.

For my childhood, the name Steven Spielberg instantly comes to mind.

For the children of 2017 and beyond, who will alter the way they see world?

The same culture-shifting giants, like Steven Spielberg, will certainly lead the pack like the past. That’s a great thing. However, with technology constantly evolving and occupying more parts of our daily lives, our culture is witnessing a sea change, of sorts. The bar for influencing large populations has transformed in dramatic fashion.

And each new social influencer, according to YouTube sensation Casey Neistat, continues to change the way we see the world through one phrase:

“Do what you can’t.”

(FYIA couple four-letter words are spoken in this fast-moving montage video)

So, do what you can to do what you can’t…

In other words, record a lightsaber battle while skydiving and post that epic awesomeness on YouTube.


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