There’s Always the 7th Inning Relief

Ask and you shall receive?

This Wild Thing is…Major League was yesterday’s blog post on Jimmy’s Daily Planet and the final sentence was a hopeful aspiration on the part of this blog’s writer. With the “Wild Thing” video clip included, the aforementioned conclusion reads as follows:

Charlie Sheen, we know you’re a Cincinnati Reds fans, but throw the Indians a bone ball (literally) with a first pitch, sporting the glasses, haircut, hat, stare and all.

Turns out Charlie Sheen is well aware of his part in this potentially legendary pop-culture moment. He tweeted:

Major League
continues to be the gift
that keeps on giving!

if called upon,
I’d be honored.


Say it isn’t so…

A spokesman told the AP on Friday that MLB has worked with the Indians to identify “former franchise greats” to throw out the first pitch for the games in Cleveland. An announcement is expected early next week.
–Chicago Tribune

Excuse me Major League Baseball, but Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn is a “former franchise great.” And if you ask the people of Cleveland (including Drew Carey), they’ll tell you that the “Wild Thing” definitely rocks.

Let me add one more excerpt from yesterday’s damn near prescient blog post.

If the Cleveland Indians don’t play this song (or wear those same uniforms) at any point during their World Series games at home, then Beverly Goldberg will announce via the jumbo tron that they have failed as a baseball organization, the city of Cleveland and movie fans everywhere.

Right now, the MLB and the Cleveland Indians organization are losing, not winning


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