The Artistic Engineering of Class

First, the second viewing of Jurassic World in 3D was a seamless sight for audiences. Similar to Jurassic Park in 3D, this franchise and its cinematography is a perfect fit for this evolving technology.

The build-up for Jurassic World last week and its indominous weekend was validation that this summer blockbuster for the ages delivered as the best follow-up to its untouchable original. Furthermore, in a gracious display of congratulations by the team at Avengers for Jurassic World surpassing its standing as the highest grossing movie over an opening weekend, Marvel made the following picture with a personalized congratulations to Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow, Chris Pratt and others.

(Kevin Feige, Twitter)

(Kevin Feige, Twitter)

By the hammer of a T-Rex that’s cool!

What’s nice is that this creative gesture is a bit of a tradition between box office rivals in Hollywood. Here’s what Steven Spielberg wrote to George Lucas a few decades ago in an issue of Variety magazine.

(Letters of Note)

(Letters of Note)

Those are two killer movie hybrids.


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