Welcome to Jurassic World (Really)

Randomness is a mysterious, yet powerful force that can yield not much of anything. Or, it can produce something in the neighborhood of accidental brilliance.

Maybe (and hopefully), the following idea will somewhat resemble the latter.

While listening to the first few minutes of the Jurassic Park soundtrack at work on YouTube this morning, the perfectly composed instrumental by the legendary John Williams inspired a thought as crazily insane as a modern-day park on an island filled with dinosaurs brought back to life from 65 million years ago.

What about a new ride at Universal Studios Orlando called Jurassic World that would coincide with the release of the 4th installment of the popular movie franchise that let’s intrigued visitors starting at age 10 or 11 pick 1 of 3 levels to walk (and run!) through while being hunted and pursued by a variety of dinosaurs!?

Now that I have your attention, I’m sure you’re wondering this question:

How would it work?

Depending on the level of adventure (1=easy going with a surprise or two, 2=ready for an adventure with dramatic surprises and 3= a kitchen-caliber experience), the participant or small group of participants would be briefed on what task they need to accomplish in a 2-minute time period by a distressed character in the park. The technology would be a combination of animatronics and virtual reality, depending on the selected level and the viability of realism and operating such machines on a constantly rotating schedule. However, the environment, movie set surroundings and dramatic music would be perfectly authentic and real.

Contingent upon the level selected, each participant will or will not be equipped with a weapon to defend themselves. Plus, the experiences on each level would change after a certain amount of time as to keep people who come back more than once guessing and in suspense.

Any young children under a predetermined age by Universal officials would need to be accompanied or joined in their adventure by a parents(s)/uncle/aunt/grandparent/older brother or sister, etc.

This is only an initial suggestion that would require countless variables to be considered and worked out (yes, more so than in the movie).

Regardless, would you get in line?

This personal/group thrill ride would take the existing Jurassic Park attraction in Orlando a step further by fully-injecting people inside Jurassic Park/World without the restriction of a car.

Fans would experience the world of Jurassic Park like never before.

Jurassic Park ushered in a new era of special effects for multiple generations of moviegoers and fans, so it seems only fitting that Jurassic World also usher in a new era of special effects for multiple generations of moviegoers and fans.

It would be an experience only John Hammond would/did dream of…

Jurassic World: will you get into it?


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