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30 Minutes of Heaven

“Some things in life are as amazing as you hope they’ll be.”

"The Goldbergs" on ABC (Twitter)

“The Goldbergs” on ABC (Twitter)

Spoiler Alert: Some contents of this post includes scenes from the April 8, 2014 episode of The Goldbergs

When we’re young, the natural progression is to grow up. That’s life. We’ll do anything we can to reach that summit of all things incredible that are surely waiting for us at the end of each quest. And why are we so anxious to mature at this very moment? Like spin the bottle, we’re excited to see fate point us in the very direction of our sought after wish/pretty crush we dream of…

(Here’s a fun fact: the best clothing item to wear during this journey is a blue velour shirt. Oh, and don’t forget about oysters and Moroccan pillows!)

Laser tag is awesome, just to put it out there.

In particular, Adam Goldberg knows this because it’s so antithetical to what he and we all do on a daily basis: running around and shooting lasers at friends and random people in an abandoned warehouse-like building? Yes, please! However, leave it to older sister Erica and older brother Barry to break the news of the utter “un-coolness” this childish activity showcases. That’s why, on his birthday no less, Erica and Barry both convince Adam (for different reasons) to ditch lasers for twister, a bottle of milk (that was full until Barry came to the rescue) and a closet with a 7-minute timer.

To be fair, the latter list was all Barry. And you wouldn’t expect anything less. Not even one bit. Just so naturally fantastic.

What’s more is that Adam was also dealing with his absent-minded father Murray (who forgot his birthday…again) and his overly-protective and snuggles-happy mom Beverly who was hell-bent on throwing her baby boy the perfect birthday party fully-equipped with a homemade Bert and Ernie cake, a clown, bagel bites and, of course, her.

But do you know what’s cooler than all that? A make-out party in the basement with mood-lighting, soft cheese and Big Tasty spinning the beats there to impress his crush.

What could go wrong? What won’t be hilariously awkward and outstanding about this?

Like each of the past episodes of The Goldbergs, this show is an entertaining mimic of so many personal experiences of mine and all its viewers who watch it and love every minute of it (nostalgia overload!). Last night’s story perfectly showed that for those of us who still indulge in past favorites and borderline childish activities (I guess my Superman license plate could be an example) that it’s okay to be ourselves. Although, there’s a serious/logical reason for still liking Superman so much, but that’s for another day.

If we’re goofy one day, then we’re goofy that day. If we’re romantic for one day, one week or one month, etc., then we’re romantic that special evening or random Wednesday morning with a gesture from the heart because it feels right.

Growing up is a straight-forward, yet somewhat confusing concept. We need to live for what our gut and heart tells us to do. It’s this instinct that draws me to take a date to a bowling alley (even with my limited talents in the lanes) for a fun evening and to quote movie and funny television show lines (actually, that’s just awesome!) and to pick cereal with marshmallows in it every so often because while most mornings are spent eating like an adult, there are occasions that should be enjoyed like a not-a-care in-the-world 8-year old.

But it’s also this same instinct that drives me to (in no particular order) work relentlessly at achieving great things in sports and academics, finding my true career, finding that special someone and anything that would help family and friends. It inspires me to travel across the country for a music festival or a sitcom taping or to venture around the world to immerse myself in new cultures for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Plus, it motivates me to put every single bit of my pride aside and dress up like a big green dinosaur (full suit with tail, mind you) and go to a Halloween festival with all of Westerville looking on because it means the world to my nephew.

Back to 1980-something, Erica could not stand the sight of her little brother Adam acting like, well, her other younger brother Barry. In what was a moment of pure shock, Erica reacted to Adam’s make-out party like her mom Beverly!

Erica’s world view changed that night…

After Beverly thoroughly embarrassed Adam “ladies man” Goldberg with an unexpected sit-down in the closet behind the coats (where are those ski boots?), Adam’s crush rushed out. She asked him why they didn’t just play laser tag? Then, Adam remembered that his dad had surprised him with laser tag gear for him and all his friends just twenty minutes earlier.

It was on (laser tag, that is).

Beverly, Murray and Erica looked on from the front porch as their goofy son/brother played laser tag with his friends in the yard. Not even Al Capone’s secret vault could draw Murray away and Erica was happy to see she had her weird little brother back again.

And, without the assistance of an empty milk bottle or closet, Adam finally got his first kiss after saving his crush from a laser attack with an action movie-caliber diving effort.

With the ’80s classic “Just Like Heaven” playing in the background, being himself turned out to be “the cure” for Adam getting his birthday wish.