Daily Archives: April 8, 2014

The Power of a Pen and Paper

Despite the fact the video interview below is from December of 2012 of The New York Times Magazine, it’s always insightful to get a peak inside the mind of a truly great, creative writer. Jerry Seinfeld is an excellent, iconic stand-up comedian (lucky to have seen him twice), but he’s first a writer. And that’s why this interview is being posted. It’s partly about the subject matter (comedy), but it’s mostly about listening to and seeing the complex, simple, predictable and unpredictable process for writing material that entertains and captures widespread attention and imagination.

And listening to Jerry Seinfeld describe his method is worth your time, especially for a few minutes on a random Tuesday.

Consistently making “nothing” sound interesting and engaging to an audience for a half-hour on television for nine seasons or for an hour on stage or during a five-minute interview is a skill that requires knowing more than a little something about the things we see and do everyday, but just don’t realize until he starts reminiscing about the joys of Pop-Tarts.

Being able to discover those perceptive reveals is nothing to laugh about.

Well, maybe it is…